STAF: ArmA gaming since 2013

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We want you to join STAF!

Who are we?
We are STAF, a semi-realistic Arma 3 unit with a focus on tactical teamplay and fun. The Unit resembles a Private Military Company in the Armaverse.

What we offer
  • Two Arma 3 Server
  • A Teamspeak 3 Server
  • No Member fee
  • Friendly and helpful member
  • Mature gaming
  • An engaged, helpful and patient admin crew
  • The ability to criticize and suggests ideas
We like to introduce rookies into the world of ArmA 3. We will help you get your game ready and teach you everything you need for a nice, immersive and tactical gaming session with us.
But nobody is perfect. We need to learn many things, too. If you are a Veteran in this game there is also space for you!

What we expect of you
  • The will to learn new things
  • Dedication
  • Friendly and Respectful behavior
  • Be available during our main timezone (Summer: GMT+2 - Winter: GMT+1)
    (Missions usually happen on Saturday evening starting 8 PM)
  • The will to download our Mods (hosted by our self via Arma3Sync with no speed limit!)
  • Participate in a "boot camp" to teach you about mod usage/check your knowledge with certain mods

  • We expect our player to have a mature behavior
  • A legal copy of Arma 3
  • A Headset
  • Teamspeak 3 installed
(While we don't force our members to buy any DLC/Add-ons it is highly recommended to at least own the APEX Add-on in order to take part in missions on Tanoa)

About your registration

After you registered, you will not be able to see the full forum.
We want you to write an application first in which you tell us a little bit about you. An Admin or Moderator will contact you very soon.