STAF News #3 2016

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  • In a short-ish news I'll tell you what happened in the past Month!
    #3 2016

    Hey guys,
    welcome to the third News Summary of 2016. People know me as somewhat lazy from time to time, but I must say I really like to write these news. I just hope people enjoy me informing about things.

    This month I don't have to much to report, so I'll just use it for some information, acknowledgements and "announcements".
    So lets right hope to the first topic!

    New MCC Templates Released

    Today we are starting with something not so new.
    I have released the first missions of my complete mission overhaul last week. We already had three missions on the weekend, one of them ended up somewhat broken. xD (Arma AI :thumbdown: )
    I don't want to go into to much detail here, since I already released avery detailed news two weeks ago. Et me just pin point the most notable changes and additions:

    • New Base/FOB in the northern part of Altis
    • Added the USS Nimitz to provide with Transport and Air Support
    • Tweaks on the ACE Medical System
    • Introduced the usage of the Rifleman Radio (whenever I find the time I'll finish up the radio protocol. Sorry for that)
    • Alive Artillery Support (Added this week)
    • Swap from VCOM to MCC Gaia (Added this week)
    • Added the USS Nimitz for Training purposes
    • Added bullet tracer on the shooting range
    • Added a diving course
    • Tweaks on the vehicle course
    So that's most of it in short. If you want to know more, I recommend to read the news linked above.
    The next terrain that will be overhauled is Chernarus with the addition of Chernarus Winter. This mission is 90% finished.


    Some of you might have noticed it: Its kinda dead at the moment!
    I don't have forgotten about it. The reason why I post so rarely and why so many threads (mostly Changelogs) are outdated is that I'm very busy with fixing existing missions and overhauling the rest of them.
    Another reason why this forum is slowly dying might be Discord. While it is a great place to keep in touch with everybody, it kinda steals the attention from the Forum! :/
    However, I don't want this forum to die. So I ask you guys about ideas what could revive the forum?

    Another thing that might fit in here are the "Debrief Reports". No I did not forget about them. As I already stated above, I don't find the time to write them anymore.
    I started to thinking, about a week ago whether I should not post them or do something else. I decided I'll change the plans a bit. Instead of posting them every weak, I want to collect them an post them in the monthly news.
    I still have the recordings from the past missions. Next month I'll write the topics that have been tackled from the last debrief report to the last mission in April. I hope that is okay for you.

    Editor usage and Event Missions

    We are growing more and more and that is awesome. There is just one thing that is still missing: Fun, realistic and rewarding event missions.
    As you know, we only have one skilled mission creator and me at the moment. The problem is that IndeedPete has many other things to do (His mods, singleplayer missions and privat life) and I'm occupied with the overhaul of your MCC Templates.

    That is the point where I want to encourage you to maybe try out the editor. With the release of 3Den mission editing is 1000 times easier now and I'm pretty sure that people who avoided editing because of the clumsy and complicated 2D editor will now be able to create small and easy missions.
    Remember that the mission do not necessarily need to be heavily scripted in any way. Whenever you encounter a problem or anything you don't quite understand feel free to ask me for help or just post on the #mods_and_mission_editing channel on discord.

    A small reminder: You are completely open in what kind of mission you create. You are also open to use any mod you desire but remember to contact me before you post an announcement about a mission so I can prepare a repository with your missions.
    Announcements have to be done at least one week before the event is scheduled (but I recommend a longer time).

    Maybe a little tease here: I also work on a small mission beside the overhaul at the moment! ^^

    New Member

    We are growing and growing. That is great news. Therefore I'm happy to introduce a new member yet again.
    And again its an invitation by Norwegian:

    Have a warm welcome at STAF sabasNL.

    I hope you enjoy your time with us.
    If you have question, never hesitate to ask one of the admins, mods or member. We are always happy to help you!


    With everything good bad things are always on their way.

    I'm very sure that Goat_GER announced he is going to leave STAF.
    It is always sad to lose a member. I hope you keep us in your memory when you are looking for a Arma clan again in the future.


    At the end we have some people who deserve an up rank! I'm very pleased to announce this promotions:

    Lust Cena: In the past few month you have given not only me but also STAF huge support. You developed very positive over the past quater of a year you are with us now. You are active whenever you can and you always try new stuff. Thats why you deserved that promotion to a Gunnery Sergeant

    Congratulations to you guys. Remember these ranks are symbolic for now but we have plans with these! ;)
    If someone has a good idea what we can do with the ranks, please send me a PM, Message on Steam or a PM on Discord!


    So this News is nearly at its end now but I just want to say thanks to one member at this point!

    Thank you a lot IndeedPete for the work you have put into STAF the last couple of month.
    Not only do your bear with me and my stupid questions and wishes you also put a lot of work into STAF by yourself. Such an engagement needs acknowledged.

    We here at STAF, the Admins, Mods and Member are very grateful for your work and are happy to have you with us!

    So that's all for this month.
    I don't loose the feeling that I wanted to address something else in this news X( but nevermind. I want to get it finished by today.

    Thank you guys for reading this and for being as speschel as you are!
    As always, leave your thoughts down below.

    Many Greetings

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