STAF News #4 2016

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  • In a short-ish news I'll tell you what happened in the past Month(s)!
    #4 2016

    Hey guys,
    welcome to the fourth News Summary of 2016.

    As you might have noticed, I have skipped a month =O ! I still want to do that monthly News thing but last month I just did not feel like it.
    Anyway lets go riiiiiight into the news!


    We now have a Patreon page. "What is Patreon?" I hear you ask?
    Patreon is a website that allows content creator to receive monthly donations from supporter around the world. The good part is that the content creator always know how much money he will get and can therefore plan with it.

    Please remember, in the end it is a subscription. That means Patreon will charge you as long as you don't cancel that subscription.
    I chose to create a Patreon Page for two reasons:
    1. Some people simply forget they want to support us (xD) and this way they don't need to remember to donate anymore
    2. Some people don't want to use Paypal at all and can therefore not really donate to us without trouble (e.g. Bank Transfer from foreign countries do cost a lot of fees @.@)

    Anybody who is okay with the current donation system (Paypal or Bank Transfer) can still donate that way. Everyone else can just simply become a Patreon of STAF.

    Arma 3 Update

    Its out! Arma 3 Version 1.60 has been released.
    With its many fixes and additions to the game the Visual Update is the most stunning and biggest one.

    Head over to my Update News to learn about the most notable changes!


    We have something new on the forum. Something some people might not even have recognized. Trophies!

    But what are they and why do we have them?
    These trophies are first of a visual gimmick. If you are a good Helicopter Pilot, you want everybody to know you are. With the Trophies you can.

    However they also have a practical use. Some slots in our event missions are marked as slots with special requirements.
    The reason for that is, that some slots have a crucial job during the mission that is hard to do with out a proper knowledge or training. Meant are those slots like Leader, Medic and Missile Specialist.

    Yet another usage, again for the event missions, might be that if two people argue about a slot the mission designer might choose the one with a fitting trophy over the one without it.

    Due to the trophies the Admins have decided that we want to be a bit more consequent about roles during missions. As seen in the latest rules update you are now required to pass a training in order to be able to sign up for a specialized slot (a list can be found in the Rules! We want to do that in order to up the immersion and game play factor of our missions.

    But we don't only have trophies for the ingame classes but also some special ones.
    Here is a list of all trophies we have created yet.

    Class Trophies
    Special Trophies
    Mission Creator
    Mod Creator
    Explosive Specialist
    (Squad/Team) Leader
    Jet Pilot
    Member Manager
    Helicopter Pilot
    Missile Specialist

    Some trophies have already been assigned to you guys. You can see them on your profile (left side it tells you how much trophies you have) and in threads.
    You can change which trophies should be shown in the threads by going to you account management on the top left of the page. Then you go on General and scroll down to the bottom where you can check up to three trophies you have been assigned to.

    We are still thinking about additional Trophies. If you think we should add one, just leave a comment.

    Event Missions

    Over the past month we are finally starting playing some user created scenarios.

    The start was made by IndeedPete and his "Crashdown" mission. A good example of a simple mission made using MCC and an armillion of enemy units.
    Everybody started randomly at one of three different plane crashes. Our first task was it to move to an old USMC depot about 1-2 clicks out. The problem was, the Russian didn't like that plan.
    Without any notable equipment we had to bypass the enemies and make our way to the depot.
    While team one had no bigger problems, team two ran right into an enemy hold town. After spotting us they constantly pursued us and took everybody down in the end. Respawn was on the USMC depot and from there we did not have that much of a problem to get our asses into least until the end.
    Overall it was a fun mission. Next time the enemies should stay in their assigned zones. The mid game was kind of a cluster fuck!

    A week after that StrokeUnit lead us into PvP with his "Capture" mission.
    Three fugitives escaped from an enemy prison transport and had to flee the island. The other Team, the Euroforce, had to capture them again. Soon, the fugitives heard the Euroforce chopper approaching their position and hide in a small building. They used each and every forest to conceal their movement. In the cover of the Dark the fugitives than approached one of the possible boat locations. They where not alone. An Euroforce MRAP was already waiting for them. The three man had time. They patiently waited until eventually the MRAP leaves. I mean they can't know the fugitives are at that exact position, can they? - An active laser pointer spoiled the three mans position the whole time. Euroforce was just waiting for the perfect timing.
    In the end, one of the three fugitives made it from the island. One was in custody and the last one had a maybe a bit unfair fight. But to be honest, both sides used some unfair techniques! ;)
    You can be sure that StrokeUnit will definitely revive that mission type...maybe we need some rules next time XD

    Then there was my "Morning Wood Call" mission.
    Little information was given. On the paper we would just do a normal patrol across the northern part of Takistan. Obviously that was not all...
    Despite the mission description saying the war against ISTS was over, we drove straight into an ambush. The RPG missiles passed our vehicles just barely and everybody survived due to the good work of our leader.
    After that shock we drove up to an USMC FOB and waited for further order. Shortly after we received orders: A massive ISTS attack was inbound and we were supposed to hold the FOB. But they forgot to tell us that the ISTS was taking sniping lessons. It did not take long until the sharpshooter took out the entire squad. Even a retry did not help us.
    As I stated before, this mission was more a test from me if a scripted mission works out in COOP. I think it would have, wouldn't it be for the stupid AI being overkill....

    The latest Mission was "Mercenary Operations Part I - TransportatION" the first part of the mini campaign by yet again IndeedPete.
    The task was simple, transport the VIP from the south of Takistan to the north. The problem was that Euroforce and NTA are having a war on Takistan atm...and neither of both really likes us. So the task was not that simple in the end: Transport the VIP through enemy infested terrain.
    We started of quick. With a Littlebird + scout in the air we picked the quickest route t the destination. But soon after the start the chopper was damaged and repairing it was somewhat of a struggle. But the VIP has to be delivered. The convoy was forced to breach through many villages and road blocks.
    Stopped by broken wheels we were forced to have a break. But the enemy does not know breaks. Not only a Wildcat but also an enemy BTR-2 thought we had not enough action. Finally on our way we were forced to go off-road after we lost one vehicle to an IED. The pace was set: GO FAST!
    The Convoy dashed through multiple towns and road blocks...only 4km out...but our glorious IndeedPete thought the best strategy against an RPG is getting it in the face. The VIP was dead and the mission over!
    If you have missed this awesome mission, don't worry we give it another try this week (most likely Friday). If you have time go over to the thread and join the mission!

    In the end, the mission all were a blast on one or another way. I'm looking forward to the future and hope for more missions.
    We still want to encourage everyone to give the editor a try. IF you need help, we are always available for you on discord in the #mods_and_mission_editing channel.

    Summary After Action Report

    Well doesn't that sound fancy - no, I know!

    Because I haven't done that in a while I want to keep it short and talk about the most notable topics in the Debriefs.

    Follow orders
    It happens way to often. The mission is fucked up because people don't listen while the leader is screaming orders which nobody follows.
    It is important that you stick to the plans made in the briefing. It is also important that you listen to what you leader says. If he shouts "Everybody fallback" then it is your task to move your ass back. While it is fine to turn around and make some shots to suppress the enemy you should not stay always move. Especially crucial roles like medics should always follow a fallback order.
    Of course that does not mean that you cannot be creative. If you have ideas, tell your leader. If you have room for improvisation you are allowed to do so but always ask yourself...could this destroy the mission. In doubt, ask your leader.

    Radio usage
    Its a pretty old topic and luckily we see it getting worked on.
    The biggest issue in some missions is a constant usage of the radio. This is especially painful when you have to discuss something really important but somebody feels the need to have a casual talk over the radio ("BREAK BREAK BREAK" is your friend)
    Only use the radio if the people are spread apart but the information is REALLY important. We might start to learn passing information inside a fire team or squad. That means if the last man in a column formation spots something far away, he might not use the radio but tells the man in front of him and this one passes the info on to the Leader!

    "FRAG OUT"
    It saves lifes and keeps the confusion down. Please get used to call out your grenade throws with a simple "FRAG OUT!" for Frag Grenades and "SMOKE OUT" for smoke grenades.
    The Problem is when a grenade goes of it is confusing whether it is friendly or not.
    Talking about Grenades: Please think twice before you throw a grenade. We want to minimize civilian and friendly casualties. In doubt, ask your leader if you can throw a grenade or not.

    Form follows function
    There is nothing cooler than a nice straight line formation, but please keep in mind that a formation does not need to be 100%. If it is not a "Meatball" it probably sufficient!

    Securing in a Formation
    There is an easy way to maintain security in a formation while patroling.
    1 - Looks in front
    2 - looks to the left
    3 - looks to the right
    4 - looks to the left
    5 - looks to the right
    the last - looks behind from time to time.

    This way everybody always knows that a constant 360° security is granted.

    So that's it for now. I probably have missed some points.
    If you think something really important should have been said just leave a comment.

    New Member

    Off course we have some new member that need their proper welcoming here in the monthly news.

    First of Morbid Angel who was a member of STAF some time ago. I'm happy to have you back and hope that this time it works out better ;)
    Next of we have TheAGuy or simply Leon (which is probably a better name to call you). Looking forward to have you with us!
    Last but not least there is Dirks or also "The other Thom". Hope you have fun with us. I'm looking forward to your input but I also hope to see you in other mission but yours :3

    All of you, have a warm welcome at STAF and I hope you enjoy your stay!

    In the end I want to add that we now have a new system to accept new member.
    Every new member will be sorted as Trainee instead of Privat. These member will be observed for a short amount of time (about a week) until they either leave us (in case of inactivity), stay trainee (in doubt) or become Privat when we fully approve them.
    We decided that to counter the extreme inactivity with new member we experienced over last couple of month with member joining and never attend in a game!


    Yes we had again some people going. This time it was a whole bunch of people leaving us.

    Long story short we cleaned up the inactive member a bit.
    So everyone who is still inactive, be aware. :evil:


    At the end we have some people who deserve an up rank! I'm very pleased to announce this promotions:

    justbeagamer: A promotion was needed for a long time now (We wanted to do it last month but with the missing news its done this month then xD). Your constant activity and awesome flying skills are the reason we promote you to Sergeant!
    Archangel52210: You have a very high activity as well. But also your skills are highly appreciated here at STAF. Congratulation for the promotion to Sergeant!

    Congratulations to you guys. Remember these ranks are symbolic for now but we have plans with these! ;)
    If someone has a good idea what we can do with the ranks, please send me a PM, Message on Steam or a PM on Discord!

    So that's it, finally @.@
    If you don't write a mail the other month you kinda have to work to keep up @.@

    Thank you guys for reading this and for being as speschel as you are!
    As always, leave your thoughts down below.

    Many Greetings

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  • Archangel52210 -

    How do we plan on organising these trainings?
    Is it weekly or is it by request of a member to receive training.

    • Moony -

      Looks like it will be on request.
      I guess the best idea is to contact Jeromer (who as I decide now will coordinate these trainings) on Steam or the Forum for info if you want to attend one of these Trainings.