STAF News #5 2016

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  • In a short-ish news I'll tell you what happened in the past Month(s)!
    #5 2016

    Hey guys,
    its time again for my monthly news.

    This one will probably be pretty short, since there was not that much happening today.

    Arma 3 APEX

    Some of might already know it, but some might also not heard of it: The first Arma 3 Expansion "APEX" has an official release date. It will be released on the 11th of July 2016.

    Its main selling point is the brand new island of "Tanoa":

    More Images: click images to enlarge it

    But thats not all of course. Next to the new Island we will receive several new Factions.

    On the Blufor side we have the CTRG. They have been in the main game aswell, but this time they are the main faction and form a special force.

    Also for Blufor we have the Gendarmerie - the police. They are pretty boring. Simple retextures with a new weapon.

    Redfor still has CSAT, but this time they are Chinese instead of Iranian. The main faction is a retextured Vanilla CSAT faction but they also have special forces now. They are called "Viper":

    Indfor will probably have a much different part in the campaign this time. With the Syndikat, consisting of Bandits and Paramilitaries, I think they will pose a thread to Blufor this time.

    With "new" faction there are of course new vehicles as well:

    Blackfish, a blufor VTOL. Used for transport or Air Support (like an AC-130)

    Powler, a light armored offroad vehicle

    MQ-12 Falcon, the first UAV CAS Helicopter

    Xi'an, a VTOL Gunship driving from an MI-24 Hind

    Qilin, a light armored offroad vehicle

    KH-3A Fenghuang, a small UAV with CAS capabilities

    RHIB, which stands for "rigid-hulled inflatable boat"

    Jetski, a....jetski

    MB 4wd, a small offroad vehicle

    Last but not least we of course also have some new weapons:

    AK-12, AK-12 with Grenade Launcher, AKM and AKS-74U

    CAR 95, CAR 95 with Grenade Launcher and Type 115 (which has Buckshots as an underbarrel attachment)

    CAR 95 with a Drum Magazine, CMR-79, PM 9 and RPG-7

    SPAR 16 and SPAR 16 with Grenade Launcher

    SPAR 16S with Beta C-Mag and SPAR 17

    That is basically all new assets, except some attachments, retextures and equipment.
    Another big thing that will come with APEX is a new Campaign, which is supposed to play after the events of the East Wind, the main arma3 campaign. What is interesting about that is, that it will be a coop campaign for up to 4 player. So make sure you gather with friends. The Admin and Mod Team already decided to play it together. ^^

    And that is APEX. I'm very excited what cool stuff can be done on Tanoa, a very beautiful and detailed island.
    You can already get a little glimpse on what can be done with the new assets in IndeedPetes new mod called KSK-2035!
    He, as well as I, started developing missions (or collecting ideas) for Tanoa and has a question to everone.

    If you do not own APEX until now, you can still grab it in the steam summer sale for 24€ (sale ends on the 4th of Juli 2016). You can also buy it directly on the BI Store for the same price. From what I understood, that deal will be up until it is released (11th of Juli 2016).

    Event Mission Groups

    A lot of member, especially new, struggle with Arma3Sync and the mod groups. While I don't really understand why ( :P ) I tried to make it easier for you guys.
    From today on, we will have Event Groups for our Missions in the Arma3Sync Repos.
    These are pre-made mod groups that come with the STAF mod repos.

    However, while that sounds pretty nice I kinda hit a wall. The problem is, while we have a big mod collection with several often used mods some missions require to download additional files. These files will not be hosted in our standard mod repository but in an addtional one. The problem is, I cannot put these mods in event groups which use a mod from the standard mod repo.

    Let me explain that on an example:
    IndeedPete has created a small campaign called "Mercenary Operations". He uses the following mods:

    • Ace
    • Alive
    • CBA
    • Ctab
    • CUP Terrains
    • Euroforce
    • Leights OPFOR Pack
    • MCC
    • RHS Escalation
    • STAF Helicopter
    • Task Force Radio
    • NIArsenal
    While nearly every mod is in our standard mod set, "NIArsenal" is not. That means I have created an Additional Mod Repository just for that mod, so people who do not play that mission, don't need to download that mod. (this is important when we, e.g. play on different mod islands).

    Long story short. While we have an Event Group with "(STAF) MCC|Altis", "(STAF) MCC|Chernarus", "(STAF) MCC|Al-Rayak", "(STAF) MCC|Reshmaan" and "(STAF) Recommended" which work as intended we also have "(STAF) Mercenary Operations" and "(STAF) Mercenary Operations Additionals". In order to be able to play "Mercenary Operations" you need both "(STAF) Mercenary Operations" and "(STAF) Mercenary Operations Additionals".

    In the end, this is really just for those that have problems with creating their own mod groups. If creating your own mod group has worked before, you are completely free to still do it that way. You can simply ignore the following.

    "But how do I get these mod groups in my list", you might ask!
    That is very simple.
    1. Start Arma3Sync
    2. Go on the Addons Tab
    3. Click on the Modsets Button
    4. Check all Boxes in the Bottom part of the new Window (Everything in the "Get addon group from Event" box)
    5. Click "OK"
    6. Check the Mod Group you want to use (please only check the mod groups needed for the mission. "(STAF) Recommended" is an exception and can be used in any case.
    I hope that helps people with struggle with the mod groups. If you have any questions regarding this just ask me.

    New Member

    Off course we have some new member that need their proper welcoming here in the monthly news.

    First of Joe who already had a mission with us. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to see you on the Battlefield more often.
    And then Joe already invited one of his friends. You still need to have your first mission with us Squekerpig. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any other member. Maybe you might also ask Joe about your first steps (since he recently joint us aswell). I hope you'll have fun with us. And thank you Joe for the invite.

    All of you, have a warm welcome at STAF and I hope you enjoy your stay!

    We sadly have to say farewell again.

    This time Norwegian decided to leave us. The reasons are obvious.
    He has some issues finding time for another clan (next to his Mount and Blade regiment) and therefore decided to leave us for now. He told me that he really liked us and will most likely rejoin in the future.
    You are still welcome.


    At the end we have some people who deserve an up rank! I'm very pleased to announce this promotions:

    Morbid Angel: So finally we decide to get rid of your Trainee status. You know that we had an eye on you - especially you. We are happy to see you are fully back. It looks like you have fun with us. You show that with a good gameplay but also with activity. Therefore we decided to promote you to Corporal!

    Thom: Gosh, you have developed so much. Not only do I appreciate your play style but especially your dedication towards STAF. That is why we want to promote you to Master Sergeant!

    Congratulations to you guys. Remember these ranks are symbolic for now but we have plans with these! ;)

    If someone has a good idea what we can do with the ranks, please send me a PM, Message on Steam or a PM on Discord!

    So, thats all for this month.
    I really hope I have not forgotten about something. But I probably have. I will not tell you though and just put it in the next monthly news :P !

    Thank you guys for reading this and for being as speschel as you are!
    As always, leave your thoughts down below.

    Many Greetings

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  • StrokeUnit -

    I hope I will find time to play a mission again with you guys. Missing Petes random rants and your erm... style of communication :D

  • Morbid Angel -

    PROMOOOTTEEEEDDD!!!! Thank you :)

  • Thom -

    Thanks! :)