STAF News #6 2016

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  • In a short-ish news I'll tell you what happened in the past Month(s)!
    #6 2016

    Hey guys,
    welcome to the sixth News Summary of 2016.

    Yet again I skipped a month. (Fake reason) Because its summer and summer at STAF is always a bit unspectacular and (true reason) because I totally forgot it last month.
    But in all seriousness, there is really not much news to give hear but due to some development in the member section I really need to release a news.

    New Server Page

    The last couple of days I have been actively working on our website again.
    One thing that really needed a redo was the server page.
    I really wanted to have something easy and appealing that gives you the information you need without having the need to figure out where to go and what to look for.

    I'm not 100% happy with it though. E.g. I really dislike the Mod List box which looks really dull. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    In order to have this side serving as some kind of "hub" for STAF I want to further improve it, make it better and more informative.
    If you have any idea how to accomplish that or if you have any idea what it needs, please tell me. I'll do my best to pay attentions to all (serious) inputs.

    My next target is a tutorial page in the same style as the server page and therefore get rid of the Tutorial section in the forum. ;)

    A God is leaving

    Most of you might already know about it.
    Sad but not unexpected was the announcement by Linga that he will leave STAF.
    The reason for that is, that over the time he more and more lost interest in Arma.

    As you should know Linga was next to me a founder of STAF.
    History lesson incoming:
    Back in 2013, to be precise May the 4th, I joined a pretty active Arma 2 Domination server. After some failed attempts to get to the AO I entered the Blackhawk of a guy annoying the server with asking who wants a transport.
    Instead of getting dropped of I asked him if he needs a Doorgunner. The next couple of hours we flew over the AO, providing the infantry with Air Support and every now and then giving our Medics some works to heal up the guys that where downed by friendly fire. :P
    In the evening my pilot had to leave the server but not before he added me to his friend list.
    The next day I received a message saying: "We should make a clan together!". At that day STAF was founded.

    I really hope you will come back in the future. You are always welcome to join or missions...

    New staff at STAF

    Okay, sorry I REALLY wanted to make this joke for ages.

    Due to the now open admin spot we have some development in the admin and moderator section.
    First of I want to announce that m.hansen is now also an admin. He already helps us out a lot, especially when it comes to testing stuff with me. As one of the earliest member (He is the second new member we had...after Killerfish) I think its only appropriate to give him the honor to finally work more for the clan. :D

    The second announcement is that Jeromer now has a helping hand managing member. I'm happy to have Thom as an moderator now.
    The reason behind that is that over the past couple of month a recognized that Thom has a good connection to the member of STAF. Both, Jeromer and Thom, agreed upon sharing the "member manager" spot.


    Beside the already mentioned Linga we sadly have to announce yet another leaving member.
    Kodiak decided to leave STAF aswell. The reason for him to leave was a general lack of interest in gaming and Arma.

    He told me that he enjoyed his time with us and had some of his most fun times playing with us.

    We are very sad loosing you. Your constant support in any aspect was much appreciated and I really enjoyed playing with you.
    We all hope you find your way back to Arma and STAF aswell. You are also always welcome.

    In the end you managed to make MichelsenDK loose his faith in humanity:

    MichelsenDK wrote:

    The guy with the sickest gaming build, lost interest in freaking gaming.
    now the world is starting to fall apart.

    New Member

    With all the people leaving us I happy to announce that over the last two month we also gained a New Member.

    Welcome at STAF Frany. I hope you enjoy your time with us.
    And thanks to justbeagamer for telling him about us. ^^

    As I said, there was really not much to say the last two month.
    One last thing maybe: I'm very happy that we more and more getting away from the MCC Missions and over to member created missions. Thanks @IndeedPete especially for his efforts!
    I'm working on something aswell which will be announced soon, though I don't know when we can start it, due to some lack of scripting knowledge. However, I'm interested about your opinions on the mission concept ^^

    Thank you guys for reading this and for being as speschel as you guys are
    As always, leave your thoughts down below.

    Many Greetings

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