STAF|News #1 2017

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  • A lot has change since the last News. Let me get you up to date!
    As usual I'm not finished with this yet. So don't release it please!

    #1 2017

    Hey guys,
    its been a very long time since I've wrote my last news on this forum.

    Since then a lot has changed, some member left, some member joined. With all the significant changes the last couple of weeks and month I thought it might be a good idea to clear some things, introduce what is new and say some words in general

    STAF goes PMC
    I'm was happy when my idea to transform this clan in a PMC (Private Military Company) (in game obviously) was received with great pleasure (from mostly all of you). The planing of this "project" goes on for over a year now.
    First of I want say sorry about the delay. As you know, real life comes first. :D

    When I first pitched the idea, I was aware that a simple change of the mod set will not be anything special. Thats why the Admins and I have made some plans to make this project a bit more interesting.
    The idea is, that we start with a sort of freshly formed PMC. This means we have limited funds and therefore limited equipment. In the beginning we start of with one Assault Rifle, one Maschine Gun, One Marksman Rifle, one SMG, one Pistole and two Anti-Tank Missile Launcher. Vehiclewise we have an SUV, JEEP, Offroad and a small Truck. Aside from these we have access to some misc equipment aswell.

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