STAF|News #1 2018

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  • The news for the first week of 2018 and a small recap of last months.
    #1 2018

    Hello everyone,
    Happy new year from the staff. Hopefully we can make it a good year for all of us.
    In these news pages we want to inform you about the latest changes and happenings around STAF, Arma and everything else that is worth mentioning.
    The planning is that these news items are to be released on a weekly basis. Though this is something we can not guarantee.

    STAF goes PMC

    Its already been more than a year since we asked you guys how you'd fee if we switch STAF into a (simulated) Private Military Company. With mostly positive feedback we quickly began planning and working on the project. However, due to private life and also the active clan activities it wasn't easy to fully dedicate to it.

    This changes now though: We have finished most of our planning and feel comfortable to make the switch official now.

    Why the change?

    It basically starts with the start of STAF. For those that don't know: Linga came up with the name when STAF was formed. Moony however since this day imagined STAF being a sort of PMC rather than some US Army Section/Platoon/Whatever. This view never changed over the years but actually became clearer and clearer.
    Our play style, communications, acting and size is just not suited for a big Army Platoon and therefore always bothered Moony. This is why we pitched the idea to the rest of the members and most of you were in favor.

    But what does that mean now?

    Some of you probably ask themselves "So? What changes?". There will not be many changes. We can still do most of the mission types we did before.

    A big change can be seen in the equipment we use. Since we are a PMC - a Company - we don't have access to the Arsenal of a country like the United States or Russia. No Planes, no big tanks. A PMC has to have the money to afford those things... and we want to simulate this as much as possible (more on that later).
    This decision also leads to some nice side effects. Not only do we get the chance to use some equipment we never used before (e.g. Flashlights) but also it teaches us to take care of our Equipment (more on that later).

    Another small but personal change is: Since we aren't playing as a Governmental Army anymore, we are not bound to Uniforms. That means everyone can use a variety of different gear from our pool of clothing.

    How will the PMC work?

    This is probably the biggest part of the change. As mentioned before: We don't have unlimited gear nor have we all gear accessible. We have to earn it. How do we earn it? - Through missions...

    The plan is, that the mission creator thinks of a payment the contract would bring us. Lets take "Operation 'Insurgency'" - Our currently running campaign - as an example. Right now we think of a payment of about 1.7 Million $. Obviously not all of this money can be used for new gear or vehicles. Some goes directly into the Company, some is used for expenses (fuel, ammo...) the end a small portion will be used as spending money.
    The reason behind this is: If we are able to buy all the big stuff (Tanks, Planes) and such after just one mission...where is the fun?

    If you are a mission creator, think of a reasonable payment for the tasks in your mission: the danger level, the difficulty in general (terrain and other factors)...
    Also, if you want to build a mission where a specific vehicle needs to be used (e.g. a Helicopter) announce it and we will try to buy it.

    Btw...Not only can we buy vehicles and special gear but we can also sell it - for a lower price obviously. So if we really need a chopper but we only have an armed car we can sell said car and then buy the chopper.

    Weapons and other gear however are a bit different. The amount of work we would need to put into buying every weapon individually is just too big and therefore we want to go with a license approach. That means, we don't buy a weapon but a weapon license - unlimited usage of weapons. These however will have a fairly high price.

    What needs to be done?

    There are still some things that need to be done.
    We plan to get a new logo, since the old one fits an army unit better than a company. This task will most likely be taken over by Liffy - who already designed our current logo.

    Another thing that needs to be done is actual pricing of gear. We want to set up prices for vehicles and weapon licenses as realistic but also as reasonable as possible. This consumes a lot of time but we are certain it will be done soon.

    The actual Mod @STAF_PMC - which contains several equipment and weapon packs as well as a faction completely created by us - as well as @STAF_Framework - consisting of some smaller mods and also scripts and functions done by IndeedPete and Moony- always need work. They will be constantly updated with new and improved stuff. :thumbsup:

    We hope you are as happy with the changes as we are. We are looking forward to the missions we will have as a PMC and the development this fictional Company will take.
    If some of you are interested to go a bit deeper in the whole story:

    The plan is to tell a little story with this company. The story should, as much as possible, be integrated in the actual Armaverse while we don't mind some deviations.
    For this purpose you'll find a whole new section on this website (Link!) which tells you little about the lore of this company. It will be constantly updated aswell...

    Do you have any suggestions or further feedback? Don't hesitate to leave a comment on this news.

    Operation "Insurgency"

    Currently we control the towns Ahmaday, Chak Chak, Huzrutiman and Sultansafe. Friendly troops are stationed in these towns. The civilians in these towns support us as well. This is good for the stability in the area.
    Since Wednesday evening we also own the airfield after two intense missions. The airfield is currently controlled by allied Takistani Police and functions as an FOB - with two extra vehicles. Next to the airfield is a city named Loy Manara. This city is also under our control. Though regular patrols might be needed to keep it that way and to make sure we can help the civilians if needed. We also secured an M2 from the insurgents which can be freely used. It is a weapon that needs to be carried by two people though if people want to transport it to an different location. On a sad note, our troops had found the sight of a public hanging on the airfield. Pictures have been made and were sent to the press. The public opinion of Takistani Insurgents has become more negative due to these actions. This has made public opinion towards us better. This might come in handy on a later moment.

    Since last night we control the two cities north of the airport. This was achieved by close coordination between the two fireteams and simultaneous attacks. All the roadblocks and AA capabilities of the city have been rendered inoperable. After the city had been taken by us, enemy reinforcements started to arrive. Only due to our valiant efforts in holding the position and dealing with the enemy reinforcements we have made sure that the city remains in our control. On one of the roads there was a sight of what seemed like a public execution. Bodies were spread out before a bus. Pictures of this and the roadblocks have been made and sent to HQ.


    In the missions we have played the past few weeks, a few things have been noticed. We are slowly improving our communication between teams and in the separate teams, furthermore the way in which we handle our positioning is getting better as well.
    Though regarding the latter there is still quite a bit that needs improving. When we stop for whatever reason, a 360 cover needs to be set up asap. We'd like you to look in the direction of the sector you had wile moving in the formation.
    You should also call out the direction you're covering so people do not needlessly cover the same area. When a squad member sees an enemy, he reports this to his TL.
    He will then decide what action to take and how many should change their attention to the enemy. We do not want everyone to turn because then the other sectors are not being covered.
    Lastly when someone is being patched up by a medic do not stand there looking at the medic or the injured person unless you're called to help the medic. If this is not the case, cover a sector.

    A few more things that have been discussed during the debrief. First off, after you have respawned, radio in from which direction you're coming. This makes sure we do not have friendly fire at someone who is coming back to the squad.
    Lastly, only fire at someone if you're sure it is an enemy. If you're not entirely sure, do not fire. Try and get more intel about the person before you open fire and make the decision based on more information. Of course if you are being fired upon in that direction,
    you do not need to take a lot of time to determine if it is an enemy. Just try to not kill any civilians, HVTs or surrendering Enemies.

    New Repositories

    Since we started Operation "Insurgency" we also use a new main repository. While most of you already have this Repository for those that don't: It can be accessed via this Auto-Link:

    Those people that are here a little longer might remember that we had a "Recommended" Folder in our old repository. This folder contained several client side mods that might enhance your gaming experience. We decided though, that we don't want to force everyone to download these mods. That's why we created yet another new repository that contains these mods. It can be accessed via the following Auto-Link:

    Let me explain the containing mods (06.01.2018):
    • @STAF_Align - Adds a little bit of weapon movement (Immersion)
    • @STAF_Alpha_Lens_Flare - Brings back the Lens Flare from the Arma 3 Alpha (Visual)
    • @STAF_BlastCore_Phoenix - Drastically Enhances Particle and Visual Effects (e.g. of Explosions) (Visual)
    • @STAF_BlastCore_Skies - Gets rid of (most of) the stupid cloud movement while flying (Visual)
    • @STAF_Dynasound2 - More realistic Sounds for Weapons, Explosives, Vehicle and more (Sound)
    • @STAF_Enhanced_Soundscape - Enhances the Sound Environment (can be used with or without Sound Mods) (Sound)
    • @STAF_Immerse - Adds Immersive reaction to weapons fired or explosions close to you (THIS IS NOT THE SUPPRESSION MOD) (Immersion)
    • @STAF_JSRS_SOUNDMOD_* - More action movie like Sounds for Weapons, Explosives, Vehicle and more (Sound)
    • @STAF_lsd_nvg - Removes the black border around Bi-ocular NVGs (Visual, Immersion)
    • @STAF_ShackTac_HUD - Adds a Team Radar at the bottom of the screen
    Just one more thing. While nearly all mods can be used together you should/must not use JSRS and Dynasound together!

    Last but hopefully not least we also have a new WWII Repository containing several World War II related mods. It can be accessed via the following Auto-Link:

    I hope we might use it at some point :D

    ARMA3Sync Repository Update

    The most recent update of @STAF_PMC is adding Archangel's missing insignia.
    There also has been an update to @STAF_CUP_Terrains_Complete. This update should include some important fixes and textures. Fixes like opening doors while they stay closed for others.
    This will probably be a big update so download it before the mission starts on friday so we don't have everyone complaining about their mods.
    Beside that @STAF_MCC has been updated as well, though nothing noteworthy seems to be changed.
    Last but not least, we have removed @STAF_VCOM for now, since we suspect it being the main cause of strange AI behavior (AI not reacting to indirect fire for example). We either stick to the Vanilla AI, wait for an improvement of VCOM or look for an alternative.

    New Member

    Last month we had a new member joining us.

    It is Martin. He came from watching a stream of one of our missions.
    Have a warm welcome at STAF and I hope you enjoy your stay!


    We again had people leaving us due to their inactivity.

    So everyone who is still inactive, be aware. :evil:


    At the end we have some people who deserve an up rank! I'm very pleased to announce these promotions:

    Louie: Since you were quite active, seem to learn quickly and also integrated in the community very nicely, you have been promoted to Sergeant!
    Liffy: We noticed a lot of development in many areas and good activity so you'll be promoted to Sergeant!
    B.Stinson: You have been promoted due to your play style and activity to Sergeant!
    Thom: This promotion was surely needed. You have been doing a lot lately. From talking to the new members to getting people to play. Because of that we are happy to promote you to Chief Warrant Officer 5!

    Thanks for reading the - way to long - news item.
    If you have anything that can be improved on in the article just mention it.
    As always, leave your thoughts down below.

    Many Greetings

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