STAF|News #2 2018

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  • The news for the second and third weeks of 2018
    #2 2018

    Hello everyone,
    The weekly news has changed to being bi-weekly.
    We like the activity and the play-style of the last few weeks.

    Operation "Insurgency"

    Last night STAF received intel about a forced labour camp in a city north of our controlled area. The contractors were tasked with clearing the town, securing the prisoners and taking them back safely. They started driving towards the AO. On the way they were stopped by a Takistani police officer at a roadblock. After resolving the issue with them going to the AO, the contractors could move on. When they got close to the city, both teams diverted to their own entry points. From there both teams moved into the city and took out any hostiles they could find. While clearing the city, a technical and an APC arrived. Both were taken down swiftly by STAF. Our contractors found an IDAP Camp in the town with their workers killed. Pictures of this horrendous act were taken and were sent to command. Among the hostages, STAF operators also recognized a US Ambassador. He was demanding his release. After M.Hansen talked to command, his identity was confirmed and he was released. When the city was secured the mission lead called in a chopper which brought the hostages back to the Loy Manara Airfield.

    When the civilians were secure and safe STAF received intel about a convoy coming in from an enemy controlled city. The teams moved swiftly to an ambush point where they could intercept them and set up their positions. Team Alpha 1-1 made swift work of the first vehicle. Both teams took out the enemies when they got out of their vehicles. When they were taken out, the contractors secured the vehicles and moved them back to base as per command. Some captured vehicles are now ready to be sold.


    Our movement is getting better. Though there are some moments where we need to put in some extra care to make sure we are not getting attacked from behind.

    Furthermore, if civilians run towards you, make sure your weapon is aimed at him. ( B.Stinson and paradise_yen you did that nicely). If he starts running around, make him stop. Tell him he needs to stop moving. If he does not stop moving fire a warning shot close by. If he still doesn't comply, make sure he can't run away from you by shooting him in the legs. Do make sure you restrain him and give him medical attention. First, the individual has to be searched and deemed safe for the medic.

    One more small thing, when we are driving back to base, make sure people do not drive on their own but at least with another player in the vehicle or if not possible with another vehicle in a convoy.

    ARMA3Sync Repository Update

    ^ @STAF_CUP_Terrains_Complete - This should get rid of the floating Guard House!
    ^ @STAF_Misc - Fix for Insignias not working and Cigars to Immersive Cigs
    ^ @STAF_PMC - Small updates in NIArsenal
    ^ @STAF_ACE - Small update in Grad Trenches
    ^ @STAF_Objects - Small update in Uriki's Mission Objects

    ^ @STAF_BlastCore_Phoenix - Small update

    ^ @STAF_ACE -
    ^ @STAF_Objects - added MBG Killhouses

    In a Galaxy far far away...

    So, some of you might now that some of our members are a little bit obsessed with Star Wars. It then is no wonder that when the Star Wars: Opposition Mod got updated, some of them instantly jumped on it. While testing and (mostly) screwing around with the mod we figured that it has a lot of potential to be fun with more than just three players. This is why we yet again created a new Arma3Sync Repo for you guys. This Star Wars Repo is highly optional. We don't plan to replace our Saturday evening PMC missions with Star Wars missions. It's more planned to be a stopgap if we don't have anything to do (maybe when we don't have enough members to play a PMC mission) or maybe something for during the week.

    The Repolink is:

    In this Repo we have the mod itself, a modified ACE 3 to Work with SWOP and OPTRE - the Halo mod. The Reason for the latter is that the map "Scarif" is only working when OPTRE is loaded.
    The mods that should be loaded to play SWOP with us are:

    • @STAF_CBA
    • @STAF_Misc
    • @STAF_Task_Force_Arrowhead_Radio
    • @STAF_CUP_Terrains_Complete
    • @STAF_SWOP_Extra_Maps
    • @STAF_SWOP_Main
    • @STAF_SWOP_Maps
    • @STAF_Ares
    Some of these are obviously from our PMC Repository!

    We hope we can have some fun with this in the future...We are looking forward to it!

    New Member

    Last week we had a new member joining us.

    It is paradise_yen. He came from following our activity on Steam.
    Have a warm welcome at STAF and I hope you enjoy your stay!

    Thanks for reading the news item.
    If you have anything that can be improved on in the article just mention it.
    As always, leave your thoughts down below.

    Many Greetings

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