STAF News #4 Past months

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  • Recap of the past few months and a look into the future

    #4 2018

    Hello everyone, it's time for another edition of the STAF news.
    We will give you a short recap of everything that has happened in the past few weeks, and give you some other important information!

    Operation "Rising Tiger"

    We have successfully rounded the Rising Tiger campaign
    Insert more from Moony

    Operation "Red Fever"

    (INsert more from Moony)


    This has been mentioned before but i'd like to mention it again:

    We can see a positive trend in many areas, but like always there is still a lot of work to be done to improve further.
    Following here is a recap of the most important things that went wrong often during the last campaign, and need to be worked on in future campaigns.

    Mentioning if you join

    We would greatly appreciate if everyone can mention if they join Saturday morning or afternoon or even Friday if it possible.
    It dos not take that much time to just write a small message letting us know if you join or not. It would make making missions a lot easier and is also appreciated by us.
    We now keep our evenings free in the hopes of missions and then we don't have them because people tell really late if they join or not.
    Thanks in advance

    I know this was in there last time, but just as a recap:
    Listening to orders

    During missions you will be assigned to a Team Leader. This TL is in charge of his fireteam, and therefore will give them orders.
    In order for a team to function, it is vital that the team members listen to orders given by the TL, and immediately act upon them.
    We have seen many instances where certain members of a team either do not act after receiving an order, or need to be told multiple times to do something before they act.
    It is extremely hard for a TL to successfully lead his team when half of them do not listen to his orders. Therefore we call upon everyone to stay alert during missions, and listen closely to what your TL is telling you.
    Furthermore, if you notice that someone in your team is not listening to an order, help your TL by repeating the order to these people. If everyone starts doing this, it relieves some pressure from TL, and they can focus on leading their team through the mission. If you are unsure about what the order is, ask your TL and he will happily tell you what the order is. Also when we hold in a compound or a street, disperse and form a 360 coverage.
    Call out which direction you are covering as well.

    Movement in & towards compounds

    During missions we will often have to clear compounds of enemy forces. It is important that everyone knows what is expected from them in order to prevent unnecessary casualties.
    When we are moving towards compounds we will mostly make use of bounding, where a few people cover while others move. If you are told to move, simply say "moving" so the others know you are moving. When you arrive at your destination say "covering" so that others know they can move safely.

    After making it to the compound your TL will most times order you to stack up on the wall of a compound prior to entering it. This means that you will column up on the wall next to the compound entrance. Mostly the MG Gunner will go first, followed by the rest of the team.
    When entering the compound it is important that both sides are covered & cleared. It is vital that you communicate with your team.
    If someone is clearing the left side of the compound they have no idea what is happening on the right side of the compound. So if your side is clear you simply say "clear". If there is an enemy you will obviously call this out aswell.
    Furthermore it is important that you always call it in when you are entering a compound, this is to prevent friendly fire.

    Buddy teams

    The last few weeks we have been trying to work with buddy teams. The TL's will assign you to a buddy at the start of the mission, it is important that you stick with this person during the mission. See it as a pet dog, you are responsible for eachother.
    This means that if your buddy is hit, you will communicate this to the Medic. You will also clear compounds and buildings together, and cover eachother. To make this system work, you will have to have to have good communication with your buddy throughout the entire mission.
    We will further work and train with this system during future campaigns.


    The most important part of a successful mission in Arma is good communication. During the Operation Insurgency campaign we have noticed a lot that people don't communicate enough.
    For people who are playing TL or Medic it is important that people communicate in order for them to successfully do their job. If you are not sure what you have to do ask your TL, if you spot an enemy or something important tell your TL, if you are hit tell your Medic.
    If it helps you, try to see yourself as a shoutcaster for your own gameplay. Communicate everything you are doing & seeing to your audience (In this case your other team members) It is better to communicate too much than too little.
    We really hope that people will start paying attention to this and become more self-aware, as this will improve the co-operation of a team (and again releases some pressure from the TL).


    With the new campaign it is really important we work slow and methodical. Communicate if yo usee anything but in general keep the chatter to a bare minimum, to avoid the enemy hearing us.
    Furthermore make sure your weapons are silenced so when you fire you do not instantly give away our positions. Furthermore really listen to your TL and or SL.
    Lastly do not fire unless fired upon. We want to stay undetected as long as possible


    Jeromer and Thom have come up with a training mission.
    Unfortunately the first one did not go through but we would like to have a one later. We will make a third post regarding the data because not enough people respond.
    The training would meant that we select an evening where we go on the training server with a few interested people, and train some important skills.
    Firstly we would train some things that were mentioned in the debrief like movement, communication & clearing. After this people can ask more experienced members for help with specific skills (like medic, mg, launcher training etc.) or other specific things.

    We think these trainings would really help with preventing certain things that often go wrong during missions, and hope that a lot of people are interested in doing it.


    Did we have any promotions?


    As for most people the holidays are coming. This means for some that they go and visit different countries or are unable to play for an extended period of time.
    We would appreciate it if people would be capable can put themselves as absent for the time they are not able to play. This makes it easier to organise the missions for us.
    This time can be set by clicking your name->settings->absent and then filling in the dates.


    All in all we liked the way in which everyone played the last campaign and current campaign. It is a slower one but from what we have seen and heard it is liked.
    We have grown in size but also in our gameplay so good job people!
    Lastly please tell us if you are joining more than 2/3 hours ahead. This makes it a lot easier to plan and create the missions.

    Cheerio and till next time.

    STAF admins

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