The Company

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"Secure the world"
Name Maru, Turumai
Place of Birth Georgetown, Tanoa, Horizon Islands
Date of Birth 20th of April 1999
Current Residence Malden, Portugal
Occupation Founder and CEO of STAF Corp.

Turumai Maru was born in 1999 as the son of the Tanoan businessman Solomon Maru. During his youth Turumai already showed a lot of ambition, he set up successful local businesses that boosted the Tanoan economy. He moved to the United States to study in 2017, where he spent 10 years. During his time in the United States Turumai got introduced to Bob Jones, one of the founders of ION Services Inc. It is here that his passion for the Security Industry was born. He spent the next 10 years in service of ION, where he learned many valuable skills.

The ambitions of the Tanoan did not end there. Turumai had a dream of forming his own Security Company which would one day lead the global security market. In 2032 this dream became reality. He resigned from ION Services Inc. and formed his own Private Military Company: STAF Incorperated. Many experienced operators quickly flocked to join the newly formed PMC, and it wasn’t long until STAF became a brand name for governments in need of an efficient, skilled security force. Now Turumai looks to the future and to continuing growing STAF into the market leader for the global security market.
Name "Moony"
Place of Birth Braunschweig, Germany
Date of Birth 30th of August, 1990
Current Residence Nagasaki, Japan
Occupation CMO of STAF Corp.

"Moony" is one of the earliest operators to join STAF, and is seen as the heart and soul of the company. He spent many years in the German KSK before he joined STAF. As the right-hand man of Turumai, the CEO trusts in "Moony"’s many years of experience to turn STAF into a more efficient company. The Chief Medical Officer of STAF is often referred to as the “Crazy German Doktor” by his fellow operators.
Name Hansen, M.
Place of Birth Redacted
Date of Birth 15th of June 1998
Current Residence Hiroshima, Japan
Occupation CSO of STAF Corp.

Hansen is STAF's Chief Security Officer, and will often be seen leading the way for his fellow operators. He was a member of the Norwegian Royal Guard, Norwegian Special Forces before joining STAF. Hansen is also known for his love of the bottle and cigarettes, which he often lights up in the middle of combat, to the dismay of fellow team leaders.
Name Michelsen
Place of Birth Classified
Date of Birth Classified
Current Residence Classified
Occupation CIO of STAF Corp.

Michelsen is the Chief Infrastructure Officer and handles most of STAF's infrastructure from our HQ in Malden. He sometimes makes an appearance in the theater of operations to provide direct support to our operators in the field. He and his brother Kasper are often called the “Danish Duo of Doom” by STAF operators.
Name Thom
Place of Birth Amersfoort, Netherlands
Date of Birth 4th of June 1998
Current Residence Kampala, Uganda
Occupation CFO of STAF Corp. and part of the medical staff

Thom the Chief Financial Officer of STAF quickly found the trust of the CEO and therefore was given higher positions in the Company. Maru enjoys working with him so much that he doesn't stop giving him more and more projects. Besides being responsible for the finances of STAF, he also plays a role in Import/Export and Human Resources. It's just like Mr. Maru and Thom speak the same language...
Name Jeromer
Place of Birth Classified
Date of Birth Classified
Current Residence Classified
Occupation CTO of STAF Corp. and part of the EOD Squad

Jeromer is the Chief Technology Officer of STAF, and part of the EOD squad. He was a Royal Dutch Cybercommando before he joined STAF. He is best known for his love of mechanical keyboards, that he brings into the field whenever he can. P.S. Don't leave him alone around a fire.
Name Archangel
Place of Birth Paris, France
Date of Birth 28th of April, 1996
Current Residence Paris, France
Occupation The French Guy
Archangel was bullied for being french from a young age on. He joined the FFL when he could. After extensive training there he was recruited by STAF.
His aim in STAF is to prove to the world that the French aren't surrendering monkeys and white flag waving baguettes. ✝ K.I.A. 24-04-2018 He will not be forgotten
Name B.Stinson
Place of Birth Haarlem, Netherlands
Date of Birth 15th of July, 1994
Current Residence Haarlem, Netherlands
Occupation Chain smoker
Since an early age, B. Stinson has a severe form of baldness.
Because of this, he did not saw himself in this place off society and for that reason, he joined the special unit of the Dutch army. After a number of successful missions he ended up at the Security Tactics and Assault Force.
Unfortunately, he is still bullied by his colleagues and therefore always carries a beanie without exceptions.

Name Heinrich von Totenkopf - "IndeedPete"
Place of Birth Germany
Date of Birth 15th of December, 1990
Current Residence Switzerland
Occupation The Guy Everyone Hates
Somehow, von Totenkopf made it into the German KSK but was discharged for medical reasons after just five years of service. His superiors later testified he showed "abnormally violent behaviour, especially towards the civilian population" in the field.
Traces are lost for a few months after leaving the German armed forces; until someone looking strangely similar to von Totenkopf joined the French Foreign Legion with what was later identified as a forged ID.
However, his time with the Legion was short and abruptly ended by an incident involving a French officer being shot seven times in the back - presumably by von Totenkopf himself - after negotiating surrender in the face of the enemy.
Eyewitnesses report the gunshots were accompanied by "very colorful language about baguettes and where to stick them".
Once identified as von Totenkopf, an EU-wide arrest warrant for first-degree murder was put out, forcing him to move his permanent residence to Switzerland, where he now enjoys the calm remote regions of the Alps.
Well, at least when he's not out on operations with his most recent employer - STAF.
Name Joseph
Place of Birth City of England, England
Date of Birth Classified
Current Residence Juba, South Sudan
Occupation Cannon Fodder
Joseph is an experienced fighter from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, where he became an expert in Guerrilla warfare.
Now Joseph brings his talents to STAF, whilst still remaining true to his fatherland of South Sudan

Name Glenn "Killerfish" Fivestonebay
Place of Birth Bergen, Norway
Date of Birth 4th of June, 1993
Current Residence Texas, USA
Occupation Baby Daddy
Glenn was a member of the FSK(Norwegian Special Forces) before joining STAF.
His main specialty is explosive weapons and heavy guns(AA-52, Ares Shrine 5,56 Heckler & Koch MG4, M249 Light machine gun and so on). You will mostly find him making love in the desert of Nevada with his beloved Burta (M2 Browning)
Name Liffy
Place of Birth Erfurt, Germany
Date of Birth 29th of May, 1989
Current Residence Nagasaki, Japan
Occupation Chinese Space Alien
Liffy was originally hired by Turumai Maru to design a logo and other artwork for STAF. However Mr. Maru quickly saw that he would have further use of her talents, and hired Liffy as an operator. Liffy quickly grew to become a valued member of the STAF Medical team, and will often be seen on the battlefield patching up some unfortunate cannon fodder. Next to her duties as a STAF Operator, Liffy still pursues her passions of creating art, like the most recent masterpiece titled 'Lenny Potato' which is currently hanging in the Louvre Museum in Archangel's hometown of Paris. You can also often catch her enjoying a few episodes of German Spongebob in the barracks.
History of STAF

May 5. 2032 Security Tactics and Assault Force or STAF was formed by Turumai Maru in New York.
June 2032 A contract between STAF and FN Hestral for the usage of the FN SCAR has been signed.
August 2032 A contract between STAF and American Motors aswell as STAF and BMW for the usage of the JEEP Wrangler and BMW X6 has been signed.
September 2032 Several Weapon and Vehicle Contracts have been signed.
March 4. 2032 Several Weapon and Vehicle Contracts have been signed.
September 2032 The Company has signed a 20 Million $ Contract with the Takistani Government for a Security Mission.
March 4. 2033 The company moved out of Takistan after fulfilling its contract.
March 5. 2033 A contract between STAF and Heckler and Koch for the usage of the HK G36A1 and HK G36V has been signed.
March 6. 2033 Two MD500 Helicopter have been bought.
March 6. 2033 STAF is in negotiations with the Greek Government about a security contract.
March 13. 2033 The company was invited to take place in the "Private Military Contractor Special Operations Qualification" of the United States Department of Defense, after its successful Takistan Campaign.
March 17. 2033 The "P.M.C.S.O.Q" of the United States Department of Defense was successfully completed without breaking any rules!
Juli 02. 2033 The UN contracted STAF for a humanitarian and defence contract in Isla Duala!
After the US Army and NATO left Takistan a few years ago the country seemed in peace for a while. Since the government let their people down more and more over the time discontent spread throughout the country and its' people. Small Terrorist cells started to form and quickly grew among the population. Those that didn't take part were simply murdered.The Takistani Government realized they couldn't handle the thread anymore and called NATO for help. The call was unheard due to the advances of CSAT and AAF in the Mediterranean sea. As a last resort the government hired a small newly formed PMC...

November 4th 2032 The Company established a small HQ in the town of Landay. The civilian population seems glad about the arrival of PMC Contractors.
November - December 2032 Over the course of the months the company pushed back the insurgents further north/east and managed to capture major towns, used for recruitment by the Takistani Terrorists.
December 27th 2032 After information had been gathered that a warlord and leader of a drug smuggling group - known as Bahadur - operates from the Loy Manara Airfield, the company started an assault on the Air Base only to find that it is heavily guarded. The company managed to capture Bahadur and bring him back to the HQ where he was then handed over to a US Army contact. The Air Base however was lost.
January 3rd 2033 The target was yet again the Loy Manara Airfield since it was a crucial task to guarantee the future of the operation. A small section was sent to infiltrate the reinforced base and was able to take it and also secure the nearby town of Loy Manara. On the ATC Tower several hanging bodies had been found. This is a clear indication of war crimes against civilians.

In the course of actions a USMC Cobra was shot down by the insurgents and therefore the US Army retreated from the area.
The Afghan and Takistani Police took over the Airfield and controls the secured areas from now on.
January 7th 2033 Information has been gathered that one of the two pilots of the crashed US Army Cobra survived and has been taken hostage by Takistani Insurgents. The Company feels obligated to get the pilot out alive and therefore staged an attack on the towns North of Loy Manara.
Even though the towns were heavily guarded by enemy combatants the assault went very smoothly and the towns were easily taken. The pilot however seemed to have been killed in the firefight.

It seems like the Insurgents again committed war crimes against Takistani civilians, this time attacking a bus full of innocent citizens.

January 20th 2033 The company received intel about an insurgent prison camp just north of Chak Chak. Two teams of contractors have been tasked with taking out the insurgents in and around the camp, and freeing the civilian hostages
The mission was a full success without any losses and complications.

Our contractors found a former IDAP Humanitarian Aid Camp in the town of Sakhe - the town the insurgents used as their prison camp - which was raided. All IDAP workers have been killed by the insurgents.

After the successful freeing of the hostages our contractors were tasked to take out an insurgent convoy north of their position, consisting of armed vehicles and stolen IDAP trucks. Our contractors were able to take out all enemy combatants without any major problems. The trucks have been given back to IDAP.
January 27th 2033 In order to move the lines further north, the company tasked its' contractors to move into the town of Timurkalay and push enemy forces away from it. The company had intel that the citizens were heavily influenced by the insurgents and could therefore pose a danger to our contractors.

Several contractors lost their lives during the attack on the town where they met brutal resistance by the insurgent forces!
February 3rd 2033 Tasked by the Takistani Army, STAF staged an attack on Feruz Abad in order to free it from the insurgent opponents. For that, in expectation of heavy resistance by the insurgents, the company was lend a M113.

Upon arrival in the town the company was engaged. Aside from the task to terminate insurgent hostiles the company later received intel of US Officials in the town in the need of assistance.

The military base was later cleared and all remaining insurgent machinery destroyed.
February 10th 2033 Following a request of IDAP the company took over the eastern route of the humanitarian convoy conducted by humanitarian workers. Due to fear of the untrained and unarmed IDAP workers being harmed, STAF delivered several requested resources to nearby towns east of the Loy Manara Airfield.
Our contractors had to deal with several smaller ambushes and managed to free an imprisoned town elder from the hands of insurgents.
February 2033 The mood in the region has drastically changed. The citizens accept and welcome the presence of PMC contractors now and the majority of the overall population is friendly towards our contractors.
February 24th 2033 Following an attack on thursday STAF has attacked the weakened insurgent forces. Takistani police calls the whole province "safe and free of insurgent militia." The Takistani government released a statement and said: "We are grateful of all the help STAF provided in order to crush this dangerous threat."
The company will remain in the area for a few weeks to help the Takistani police and army to build up its full strength.
March 3rd 2033 In a last attempt to capture a High Value Target - the leader of the insurgent forces - the company followed an anonymous hint about the whereabouts of that HVT. A large scale attack on the last enemy controlled town - Nagara - was staged. The contractors secured a number of intel.
After hearing that the HVT is about to flee the area in a stolen UH60 Blackhawk, all contractors went after the target in order to intercept the attempted escape. After the helicopter opened fire on them, our contractors took it down in self defense. The HVT sadly didn't make it out alive.
For a long time this island has been very quiet and untouched by any trouble. However, recently a spike in criminal activity has gotten the local government concerned. The local police seems to be ill-equipped and powerless to control the illegal weapons and drug trade.

It looks like a group called 'Syndikat' is using the small island as a staging point for their European and North African operations.

The situation on the island got out of control when last month a police patrol was executed by a drug dealer on a public square in Chapoi. The governor of Malden promptly got in contact with our CEO and asked for our help.

March 2033 Our contractors landed on the Saint Louis Airport in Malden and were greeted by local police forces.

The contractors now moved into the provided building from where they will help out the local police in taking down the Syndikat Cartel!
10th of March 2033 Our contractors successfully cleared a warehouse used by Syndikat near Saint Louis. It was used as a storage and transport hub of drugs and weapons. All illegal items have been confiscated!

After this operation further intel of Syndikat operations was gathered.
24th of March 2033 STAF contractors were tasked with raiding the warehouses and port of Le Port after they received intel about Syndikat activity on the port and around the town of Le Port.


Afterwards the contractors moved to Sparta Island close to the harbor of Le Port. Over there, after being heavily engaged they managed to find and secure a high ranked Syndikat personnel - N. Igga.
07th of April 2033 A squad of STAF Operators have been sent on a spec ops operation with help of the AAF Forces on Malden. Their task was to gather intel on Syndikat and their associates in the south of Malden, where a high rate of drug related traffic was noticed by the citizens.

The contractors were able to find information about a fleeing associate of Syndikat at the last moment. They rushed for the Pegasus Air Company airport on the island of Moray. They managed to capture the HVT just before he was able to escape.
13th of April 2033 The Governor of Malden negotiated with Mr. Maru - CEO of STAF - and they came to terms. As payment, next to wages and expenses, STAF receives "Spartan Island" - an unused military training ground south east of La Trinité. Mr. Maru annouced in an interview that the contract between STAF and the Government of Malden has ended and that he is happy to have finally found a suitable training ground for his contractors.

Later that evening AAN World News broadcasted the handover of the island facility to the CEO of STAF.

The Republic of Duala has a long history of violence and conflict. In 2013 the Red Tiger coup led by Solomon Maru attempted to overthrow the democratic government, but it failed and its' instigators were either killed or exiled. During the chaos after the failed coup a General of the Duala National Army criticized the government for its' weakness and took over power with his military junta.
General Kwazumba quickly consolidated his power and named himself Grand Leader of Duala, establishing a dictatorship in the country. Kwazumba has enjoyed 19 years of undisturbed rule, but this has now changed. In December 2032 Addi Mbantuwe, an old Lieutenant of Solomon Maru has returned to Duala in secret and has gathered people fed up with the government to form the Duala People's Liberation Army.
In January 2033 Mbantuwe made his move and marched on the capital, declaring a new government. Kwazumba was not ready to give up his power and sent in his loyal and fanatic army, throwing the country into a horrible civil war.

It is now August 2033 and the civil war has been going on for 3 months. The United Nations Security Council has agreed to send a peacekeeping force to the Republic of Duala. The UN has seen a drastic decrease in manpower over the last few years and has been forced to hire external contractors to assist their blue helmets.
Due to the successful campaigns in Takistan & Malden STAF was selected for the job. STAF contractors will work alongside UN bluehelmets & IDAP volunteers to protect the civilian population of Duala and provide assistance to those afflicted by the civil war. STAF will be under UN command during this campaign and is therefore not allowed to aggressively engage in conflicts. STAF contractors are only allowed to use lethal force when forced to defend themselves or noncombatants

14th of August 2033 The first time working as a humanitarian defence force, our contractors first task given was the check up of several locations in the middle of the country.

Local bandit activity had been sighted close to Obmeya. The contractors had to search for IDAP hostages and vehicles believed to have been taken by these bandits. After being engaged they returned fire and cleared the compound. The hostages were found unharmed and the vehicles could be taken back.
IDAP requested to bring back the vehicles and hostages to an improvised hospital near Kirabo.

Shortly after arriving the town was engaged by a local regime-friendly force. In self-defence the contractors fought back and escaped safely with several wounded civilians, IDAP personnel and freedom fighters.
16th of August 2033 The contractors expected a fairly simple objective: Guard a checkpoint on the north/south border accross the island. The contractors were engaged several times by local Boko Haram extremists. They had to deal with several attacks and suicide bombings.

Not only did the contractors have to deal with rebels - for the first time in the history of this UN Mission the local regime actively attacked Blue Helmet forces directly. With the help of UN Forces the Checkpoint was secured again.
20th of August 2033 The contractors were tasked with clearing a small settlement of leftover mines. The mines were successfully removed and several civilian casualties were documented.

Shortly after clearing the last explosive the contractors came across an escaped prisoner. He explained to the contractors that the regime had taken several people from the settlement as prisoners and had killed the rest. The contractors safely returned the prisoner to the FOB and prepared for their assault on the prison.

The assault was carried out and the prison was liberated from the regime.
23rd of August 2033 STAF contractors were tasked with defending the strategic UN outpost of Fort Koofra. On arrival they met with the local UN garrisson Commander Nicolas Gurr and helped set up defensive positions.

Without any warning the rebel forces opened fire on the fort, killing UN soldier Mark S. Man in the process. This was followed by several assault waves which were held off by STAF contractors and UN forces. After several failed attempts the rebel forces gave up.

Night fell on the fort and while the defenders were still recovering from the previous attacks they were assaulted by regime forces who assumed the weakened defenses would easily be overrun. However the STAF contractors held on valiantly and the fort did not fall. Eventually they were relieved by UN reinforcements.
25th of August 2033 A strange container was dropped off in the town of Swonto during the night. STAF contractors were sent to investigate, bringing gas masks since they suspected it was some sort of chemical weapon. This suspicion was confirmed when reckless rebel forces bursted the container open, releasing deadly gas and killing most of the people in the vicinity.

Afterwards STAF contractors searched the nearby buildings for intel and found out that there were several depots on the nearby island - a regime stronghold. The island was assaulted and the contractors managed to successfully destroy all chemical weapon depots.
29th of August 2033 STAF was asked by Simba Tours to escort and protect one of their tourist buses on a trip around the Southeast of Duala, since Boko Haram had intentions to attack these buses. The convoy drove to several interesting cultural sites on the island and performed security duties for the tour leader and tourists.

The bus was attacked several times during the tour, but STAF contractors managed to preserve the lives of the tourists and took out the assailants.

After the convoy made it to the IDAP camp they were asked to rescue the crew of a crashed UN helicopter. The crash site was quickly located, but unfortunately the crew could not be saved in time.
It is early 2035 and CSAT influence in the Pacific is growing stronger. An ever larger presence of CSAT personnel has been spotted on the island of Tanoa. Local criminal organizations have mounted a small resistance towards the CSAT personnel, but it has not been very effective.NATO is worried that a CSAT-controlled Tanoa might lead to a domino effect in the Pacific region. Therefore STAF has been contracted by NATO to perform covert operations on Tanoa. STAF has been tasked with sabotaging CSAT operations and lowering their influence on the Tanoan people.

STAF contractors will have to work from the shadows and keep their presence on the island largely unknown from CSAT forces. Attracting too much attention will most likely result in a heavy response from CSAT forces, drastically lowering the effectiveness of STAF operations.

! Classified !

STAF was contracted for a covert ops operation. Our client has order to not release any specifics about the tasks our contractors had. In order to not get into further detail, the main operations done by our contractor where:

  • Recon
  • Assasination
  • Search and Destroy
  • Hijacking
  • Hacking

The legitimacy of these actions has been confirmed by NATO and the UN.
(This is totally not a try to get away with forgetting to write something!)
After the conflict in Chernarus NATO has consistently kept a battalion of US troops based in the area for peacekeeping purposes, it is considered one of the worst areas to be stationed as a NATO soldier.
Last year the controversial Lieutenant Colonel Corey Jensen was sent to Chernarus with his battalion following accusations of criminal activities on Altis & Stratis.

The operation in Chernarus went well for 6 months, after which Lt. Colonel Jensen suddenly cut off all communication with NATO.
A few days later reports started coming out of Chernarus of people who witnessed US troops raiding civilian villages and attacking Chernarussian Military Personnel. Lt. Colonel Jensen and his battalion were immediately designated as rogue by NATO Command. In order to keep this incident under the radar a deal was made between the Russian Government & NATO. They agreed that an outside contractor should be brought in to deal with Jensen and his rogue battalion. STAF was approached by the Russian Government and contract terms were agreed on, code-named "Operation McFlurry"

29th of November 2035 The Chernarussian Army has got intel about a hostage situation in the town of Gvozdno. It was believed that parts of the rogue US Army troops are the hostage-taker. Therefore STAF Contractors where send.

Apon arrival our Contractors found a roadblock, armed hostage-taker and a hostage on a road. Captain M. Hansen got in contact with the armed individuals in US Army gear. They demanded money and a secure way of passage over the border.
The situation got hot when one of the armed individuals raised their gun. All Hostage taker and the hostage where killed in the fire fight.

Further information where then gathered in the town of Gorka. It has been uncovered that a few locals started an anti-Chernarussian and pro-rebel movement. This way our contractor where able to find further information about a big emplacement of rogue US Army soldiers in the town of Krasnostav.

A big fire fight between STAF Contractor and rogue US Army soldier broke loose and was going on until late in the night. All rogue US Army soldier in and around Krasnostav had been eliminated.
30th of November 2035 More armed individuals in US Army gear had been spotted near the Pobeda Dam. Our Contractors moved out with their freshly delivered Husky TSV and BAE Caiman MRAPs.
STAF Contractors found a former US emplacement soon after the arrival at the Dam. In a quick pace attack, the PMCs were able to quickly clear the inside and outside of the compound. While moving closer on the Dam the Contractors received information about a fleeing US Army Mobile Missile Plattform. Overlord - STAFs mission lead - quickly deemed it a priority target.
After a few hundred meters of following the fleeing vehicle the STAF Operator found a heavily guarded former US Army Fuel Depot. In order to continue the chase the fuel depot needed to be raided.

Soon after the Contractors were able to make out and destroy the US Army Mobile Missile Plattform.
3rd of December 2035 Our Contractors were on the way to meet an informant when they noticed burning vehicle and buildings in the town of Sosnovka. As the first responder, the Patrol Convoy moved into the town where they immediately were fired upon. A big assortment of rogue US Army Personnel raided and took over the town.
Winning back the town was now the main priority. In a swift counter-attack, our Contractors were able to eliminate all hostile individuals and gather further information.

It seemed like this attack on Sosnovka was purely to distract from a meeting of former US Army Sergeant J. Hernandez and an until then unknown other party. Our Contractors followed the intel to Kozlovka and waited for the arrival of the unknown other party. When they arrived a firefight broke loose and the unknown forces have been identified as ChDKZ - Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star - a former rebel group that has long gone to the underground after the "Harvest Red" by the US Army in 2009.
5th of December 2035 STAF took over a convoy route by Chernarussian forces that are short on men due to heavy firefights with ChDKZ Rebels in Central Chernarus.
Aside from routine convoys to Hospitals and Churches our contractor also delivered ammunition to military outposts. Shortly after our units left the first outpost on Green Mountain a Squad of rogue US Army Soldiers moved onto the emplacement. All Chernarussian Soldiers and US Personnel was killed during this attack.

The second ammunition delivery to Oavil's Castle was cancelled because the stronghold had been completely taken over by US Army personnel.
Even with a lot of bravery and spirit our Contractors where not able to completely clear the castle grounds of all rogue soldiers. It is believed that all of them died to friendly fire by mortar though.
(Moony: Still need to updated this and need to look up what we did @.@)
After the participation of Iraqi forces in the war in Takistan in 2012 against the US Forces and Takistani government the USA decided to again station troops in major Iraqi cities even though they just left the country in 2009. Not only did the US Army station several platoons in the country, the US government also sold lucrative contracts to several PMCs.

Now, several years later, the US Army yet again works towards leaving the country. Their last airbase is close to the city of Fallujah with only limited equipment and manpower left.

Since 2030 the government in the Arabic country has been stabilized and a strong democracy is now leading it. There seems to be a strong drift towards a more western culture. This, as expected, stirred conservative and radical groups up and a strong presence of Islamic terror groups can be noticed through out the whole Gulf region

04th of March 2036 ​Our contractors have settled in their new HQ and began their first routine patrol on the highway. Their main job was to keep the area secured and search and destroy IEDs placed by insurgents. Shortly after arrival in the AO the contractor neutralized an IED placed on the highway towards east of Fallujah. During the removal insurgency opened fire on the contractors. STAF personell had no problem dealing with them though and found a an IED stach.

Later they received Intel about possible IEDs on a container yard frequently used by children. After arriving our specialists were able to find and disarm one IED but where not able to find any more. Later that day Iraqui officials confirmed that an explosion occurred on that container yard. One man died with another one being heavily injured.

During the end of patrol STAF contractor received a distress call from IDAP personell. They had to relocated logistics from a former school but feared an attack by insurgents. The fear was justified. Shortly after their arrival our contractors have been attack from yet unknown insurgents. The man withstand any attack by the aggressors​ and where able to leave the area after IDAP left the area safely.​
Manufacturer FN Hestral
Place of origin Belgium
United States
Produced 2009–present
Weight 3.5kg (SCAR-L)
3.7kg (SCAR-H)
Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO (SCAR-L)
7.62×51mm NATO (SCAR-H)
Rate of fire 550–650 RPM
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights
Manufacturer HK G36
Place of origin Belgium
Produced 1997–present
Weight 3.63kg (HK G36A1)
3.3kg (HK G36MLI)
Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO (HK G36A1)
6.5mm NATO (HK G36MLI)
Rate of fire 750 RPM
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights on the HK G36MLI and magnified optics on the HK G36A1.
Manufacturer Ischmasch
Place of origin Russia
Produced 2012–present
Weight 3.3kg
Cartridge 7,62 × 51 mm NATO
Rate of fire 700 RPM (Full-Automatic) and 1000 RPM (Burst)
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights on the HK G36MLI and magnified optics on the HK G36A1.
Manufacturer FN Hestral
Place of origin Belgium
United States
Produced Late 1970s–present
Weight 7.5 kg empty
10 kg loaded
Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO
Rate of fire Sustained rate of fire: 100 RPM
Rapid rate of fire: 200 RPM
Cyclic rate of fire: 800 RPM
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights
Manufacturer Israel Military Industries
Place of origin Israel
Produced 1997–present
Weight 7.4 kg empty
10 kg loaded
Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO
Rate of fire 850–1,150 RPM
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights
Manufacturer Winchester
Place of origin United States
Produced 1959–present
Weight 5.2kg
Cartridge 7.62×51mm NATO
Rate of fire 700–750 RPM
Sights Aperture rear sight, "barleycorn" front sight. Multiple fitting sights available.
Manufacturer Sig Sauer
Place of origin Switzerland
Produced 1981–present
Weight 5.4kg
Cartridge 7.62×51mm NATO
Rate of fire 700 RPM
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights
Manufacturer Accuracy International
Place of origin United Kingdom
Produced 1982–present
Weight 6.5 kg
Cartridge .338 Lapua Magnum
Rate of fire Bolt-Action
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights.
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch
Place of origin Germany
Produced 1966–present
Weight 2.9 kg
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum
Rate of fire 800 RPM
Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights
Manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H.
Place of origin Austria
Produced 1982–present
Weight 670g
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum
Sights Fixed, adjustable and tritium-illuminated handgun night sights
Manufacturer Nammo Talley
Place of origin United States
Produced 1984–present
Weight 13.39kg
Cartridge HEAA
Cartridge Weight 4.5kg (HEAA)
4.2kg (HEDP)
Sights Iron sights
Mk 42 Day Sight
Manufacturer Saab Bofors Dynamics
Place of origin Sweden
Produced 1987–present
Weight 8kg
Cartridge HP
Sights Iron sights
Manufacturer American Motors
Place of origin United States
Produced 1986–1987
Weight 1,828 to 2,073 kg
Engine Output 147 to 209 kW
Seats 4
Quantity 2
Manufacturer BMW
Place of origin Germany
Produced 2014-present
Weight 2,100 to 2,340 kg
Engine Output 190 to 423 kW
Seats 4
Quantity 3
Manufacturer General Motors
Place of origin USA
Produced 1995-present
Weight ca. 2,500 kg
Engine Output 205 to 213 kW
Seats 8
Quantity 2
Manufacturer Isuzu
Place of origin Japan
Produced 2002-present
Weight 1,690 to 1,970 kg
Engine Output 100 to 120 kW
Seats 6
Quantity 8
Manufacturer Navistar Defence
Place of origin United States
Produced 2006-present
Weight ca. 7000 kg
Engine Output 242 kW
Seats 7
Quantity 1
Manufacturer BAE Systems Land & Armaments
Place of origin United States
Produced 2007-present
Weight ca. 17000 kg
Engine Output 246 kW
Seats 13
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Boeing
Place of origin United States
Produced 1976-present
Weight 896 kg
Engine Output 350 kW
Seats 12
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Sikorsky
Place of origin United States
Produced 1977-present
Weight ca. 5000 kg
Engine Output two engines with 1,500 kW each
Seats 16
Weaponry 2x GAU-19 Minigun
Quantity 1
Manufacturer KamAZ
Place of origin Russia
Produced 2003-present
Weight 9,600 kg
Engine Output 206 kW
Seats 18
Quantity 9
Manufacturer Parrot SA
Place of origin France
Produced 2012-present
Weight 380 g
Engines four 14,5 Watt
Battery Life ~12 min
Equipment HD Camera and Laser Designator
Quantity 10
Manufacturer Vrana Corporation
Place of origin Canada
Produced 2030-present
Weight 5 kg
Engines 6x 25 Watt
Battery Life ~30 min
Equipment HD Camera and Laser Designator
Quantity 25 in multiple variants
Manufacturer Browning
Place of origin United States
Produced 1933-present
Weight 58kg
Cartridge .50 BMG
Rate of fire 450-600 rounds/min
Quantity 2