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  • Future PMC Purchases

    Just_Rico - - Your ideas!


    How about we step up our game in the aerial support department by purchasing a Boeing AH-6X reconnaissance / light attack helicopter. That would vary things up a bit. Hell, we should even be able to "Upgrade" our currently dusty and unused oh-6 reconnaissance helicopter to light attack status for the low low cost of 750,000 dollars. I'd even take a paycheck cut. We could maybe even borrow the 6,5mm guns from the blackhawk when we're not using it and it could slingload light ammo crates. This wou…

  • When? Date>>> 15-12-2018 Tech-Support >>> an hour before mission start Mission start >>> ~8pm CET Index - Mission Details - Status - Briefing - Slot List - Informations Mission Details Starting Date: March, 2037 Map: Lythium Time: Night Weather: Unknown Status Lythium: 2037 Insurgents have manged to possibly capture a WMD. We've been tasked in trying to find out where they're keeping it and who they're tied with. Whilst we have the full support of Local American forces they want to keep the situ…

  • I'll be there

  • Spare CPU, Board & RAM

    Just_Rico - - Hardware


    The RAM not running in dual channel makes me phisically sick but in all seriousness, I just fixed mine, so I'm good. If anyone needs a broken 1050ti send me a message!

  • The future of STAF

    Just_Rico - - News


    From my experience over the years, like Pete said, interest times come and go, I'd say you'd be off wel opening up the community to a variety of games. This'll keep people interested in the community in general and if they see "hey one of the friends I usually play [Game] with is playing the arma mission, I might join in aswell". I wouldn't give up hope quite yet. (This coming from the guy who hasn't been here for a while because of exams #uitschrijfformulier).