What are our Plans?

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    • What are our Plans?

      Hi guys,

      I'm a bit bored right now and I haven't written for some time on the forum anymore.
      I want to take this opportunity, to give you some info about what I plan right now.

      I think the most prominent factor is: Mods
      Everybody loves and hates them.
      I know we have quite a number of mods and some of them seem to be obsolete. But they are not. We use most of them regular. What I want to say, I hope you don't mind our mod count.
      As I got it from here you are completely okay with me adding the mods I want, to give you and me the best gaming experience. While I'll appreciate your Trust in me I want to assure you that I will not just add a crap load of mods with no thought behind it. Let me tell you about some mods I'll add in the Future.

      "USS Nimitz" by TeTeT
      Some of you might already know it: I work together with TeTeT and the others on the Nimitz Team to make this mod even better than it is. To be honest you can really call it work since the only things I do are Testing the Nimitz in an Multiplayer environment and giving suggestions about features that would make the Nimitz even better - they hate me for that! xD (No they don't).
      The Reason I want to implement the Nimitz to our mod pack is...firstly I love aircraft carrier. xD But secondly it would give us some more free range about where we have our FOB's. At the moment our bases are either at some airport. (e.g. Altis) On some other terrains though I don't use airport and this has three reasons: Most of the airports are at the edges of the maps which would mean, whenever we move out by vehicle we basically are bound to a certain radius for operations (due to the time it takes to drive to the AO). With a base at the edge of a map the area we can have AO's is even smaller. Also most of the Airports are close to bigger Cities. This is not only highly unrealistic in some scenarios, it also takes away the possibility of having firefights in the bigger cities. Lastly the airports are just to big. Reshmaan for example has two big military airports with several hanger. They are about 2km x 0.5km big. To populate this to look immersive would kill our FPS! xD
      ANYWAY...if we don't have an airport it also means we will not have planes for CAS available. With the rising number of people interested in being plane pilot that's very unfortunate. The Nimitz would give us a plausible airbase on terrains with water access.
      Also its REALLY COOL! The reason why I don't use it now is the shortage of assets. There are the F/A-18 Variants which look awesome but are a bit outdated. Basically I'll wait till another mod is ready......

      "United States Naval Warfare Pack" by Seven Seas Studios
      This is a mod I'm waiting on for a long time now. Not only will it add several ships to the game - as the name might imply it - but also many planes that are especially made for the USS Nimitz! Planes like the F/A-18 C,D and Growler, the EA-6 and the C-2. That means we'll not only have fighter jets on the Nimitz but also Transport or Surveillance aircraft.
      Some of you might understand why I'm so hyped for this mod to get released. Sadly this will still take some time. How long I don't know. I have talked to the one working on the C-2 (He is also on the Nimitz Team) and he said: soon.

      "United States Air Force" by Fuller and Peral
      I have not yet decided if I want to use this pack with STAF. It offers a wide variety of new airplanes like the F-16 F-22 or huge planes like (A)C-130, C-17 or even the huge C-5. WHile this back is really great, I don't think we would use it that much at this point. So I think I'll safe it for the time when we get even bigger! ^^

      "Airfield Logistics" by Peral
      This Mod adds two airport vehicles to the game. With these you can easily tow planes or helicopter around (very useful on the Nimitz). I would use it with Leshracks Towing Mod (which is already in @staf_misc).

      This list is nothing final, its only things I'm considering. Adding at this moment.
      I know this looks like a "Moony wants it so Moony gets it" List. Thats not 100% true. I'll try to only implement mods that raise the overall immersion. But please keep in mind: Of course I'm a bit biased! ;P
      I still take suggestion. For example I still have the EODs Mod on the scope for our EODs team! This mod still is in need of an update...
      If you have any Idea about a mod being added to our mod list just tell me which one. I'll test around and see if we could add it.

      What else can you expect?
      Other than the addition of new mods I think of other changes. For example, the CUP Mod team is working on a port of all prior Arma terrains like Chernarus and Co. "But Moony, we already have a mod for that!!!!! You stupid fuck!" Yes my fellow member you are right. AllinArma does that since Arma 3's Beta. But it has flaws.
      1. You have to download the whole pack. Meaning you download a pack with Terrains you don't use. CUP Terrains on the other hand will be modular. Sure the big part - the core - needs to be downloaded but maps like Utes, or Takistan Mountains do not need to be downloaded anymore and therefore saving you space for other mods. ;P
      2. Ponds are not working in AllinArma. Can you remember our old FOB on Chernarus? The one close to a Damn? What if I tell you that it actually as a lake around it? xD

      3. Fixes like the CAPlants are not needed anymore. The CUP Team will also fix other values like for walls and stuff. This way, shooting through walls and buildings will be the same as on Altis!
      Another thing that will change is, that I get rid of Boscaada. I know I just introduced it. As much as I like the Island, its just not suited for the purpose. The Runway on the airport was WAY to small and there is not enough space for a decent shooting range. Therefore I'll place our training mission on Stratis again.

      Together with CUP Terrains I will Overhaul the whole Structure of the Arma3Sync Repository to make it a bit more sorted.

      At the end I also want to have some more member on the moderator team. More people should have tasks for the group (like Jeromer takes care of the member). Right now I'm a bit burned out because I do: Mission editing, Server Administration, Forum Administration, Member Management, Financial Stuff.... And for some reason I feel like I have to do that. I just want some other to also take over some of the work!

      I have talked a lot now, sorry for that. Overall I just want to tell you some things that go on in the background.
      What are your thoughts on all these things? Do you have suggestions? Ideas? Complains? Just leave a comment.

      Thats all (I think)
      Many Greetings