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    • Here come dat gurl... oh shit whaddup!

      Hey there,

      you can call me Liffy or if you prefer a short version I'm also fine with Lif, I'm a 27 years old art history student from Germany, and as some of you already know I'm also the said girlfriend of Moony (dun dun duuun!). Sadly I'm not yet in a position to call me an Arma 3 pro gamer since I'm only now in the possession of a real computer and this game (special thanks to Hansen and Pete for making it possible - you guys are amazing!), in other words I'm still learning the basics, means that I'm actually not sure about my role here but for the beginning I'm going with rifleman, probably sniper at a later time, I guess. So, pardon me when I'm still acting kind of clumsy or hard to understand... <XD

      Apart from gaming (I do mostly enjoy shooters or indie games) I love to draw and being creative with a passion (you see the nice clan logo over there? Yeah? That was me.) or whenever financially or temporally possible I enjoy going on musical concerts/festivals. Don't ask me about my taste of music, it's... special or, to use Moonys words, "weird".

      I need some time to get used to interact with peeps, probably because I'm personally a really, really shy and anxious person, specially when it comes to talk in English buuuut after all, if you know me better, I'm always up for serious or even funny and stupid conversations. C;

      I hope I'm able to support staf as a new member and I'm looking forward to have a great time with all of you guys. Have fun watching me fail. lol

      See you soon on the battlefield,


      The higher we rise
      the deeper we fall
    • Gutentag, welcome to our Group. I hope you are willing to share Moony with others, i also hear you already knew that Moony doesnt believe in monogamy.
      Because they are awesome

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Thom: Edited out the random capital letters in the middle of the sentence and your spelling error in "hear" because it was triggering me -xxx Thom ().