STAF Goes GitHub

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    • STAF Goes GitHub

      This below only concerns other content creators here. If you don't intend on joining us in creating mods and missions, feel free to return to your daily masturbational efforts.

      I've decided to integrate GitHub more into my workflow as it provides an easy and free online backup as well as collaboration and synchronisation platform for my development projects. If you want to know what GitHub does and how to install a small client on your machine: Hello World · GitHub Guides

      In short: it's an SCM tool, a Source Code Management tool. I've set up two repos for now:
      It's all source code, just the Build sub-folders contain the built addons that can be put in and launched from wherever you keep your mods. Feel free to install the client on your machine and grab the repos from GitHub. Also, if you give me your e-mail address or GitHub account name (I think), I can add you as a collaborator and you can perform check-ins yourself, i.e. directly contribute to our efforts to make this clan great again. Might be a handy platform to exchange files or work on mods together while keeping it all synchronised. I don't know if Git is suited for the larger mods with lots of textures and such, not sure if there's a limit in size. We'll see.