[SP] KSK Missions

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    • [SP] KSK Missions


      I was going to produce some SP content revolving around my KSK Mod but being a slow cunt, there's only one mission (not counting the Showcase) to date. I'd like to have this thread as a place to share pre-releases and collect feedback on my SP content before rolling it out with the regular yearly updates of the mod. If you don't give a shit about SP at all it's fine. But for the other ones in need of their mid-weekly fix of Arma 3 Stockholm Syndrome™, feel free to try out some SP content and do drop a comment or two. Be careful about mods though. It has been developed on vanilla Arma 3. Stuff like ACE will probably break things. Sound mods, STHud, LSD NVG, etc. should be fine.

      M00 - Safe House

      Map: Tanoa
      DLC Required: APEX
      AI Commanding: No
      ACE Supported: No
      Description: A stealth-based recon mission revolving around a lone KSK operator who is tasked to find out what happened to a CIA safe house on Tanoa that failed to check in. Try avoiding instead of fighting the enemy but also keep an eye on the time, it's about to get dark and you've got no NV gear.

      All playable content is available in the Main Menu under "Showcases":

      Download: Dropbox

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