About our situation

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    • About our situation

      Hey guys,
      Some of you might have noticed it before, but I was a bit disappointed about the lack of activity lately. Let me explain that a bit further:
      I really don't like to say everything 500 times! That’s why I spend so much time, writing posts on the forum and prepare tutorials (that hopefully are easy to understand). So when on the day we play (which is normally Saturday!) I hear somebody say "What mods do I need" - " Does it take long to download the mods?" or "I don't have set up Arma3Sync yet" I really can get mad.I do understand that you guys have a private live and preparing mods for an evening of gaming can be boring. But I do also have a private life. Right now I spend about 3h everyday doing something for STAF. Be it Server Administration, Mission editing or Forum work. There are some times where I get the feeling that my work is not really appreciated, because nobody really notice what I e.g. write on the forum.
      Please don't think this is shitstorm against you guys. I really love to work for the group but it is very tedious to do, when I get the feeling nobody appreciates it. Whatever I do, I do it so we can have a nice time on the weekend.

      We, STAF always want to change. We want to change in a better way.
      I just realized that I never really told you, in an official way, how I expect the gaming to be. Despite the fact that I’m working on a tutorial season for every Soldier Class I will now tell you what I expect in general.

      1. I don't mind fooling around. Everybody does it, even I. What I do have a problem with, is fooling around on a mission. See, when we are on the mission, we should only concentrate on said mission. It can destroy a whole mission set up if you start making jokes while we hide in front of an enemy base.That also means, when we brief for the mission in the base the fooling around should stop. When the mission is over you have enough time to make fun!
      2. Follow your orders. Lately Jeromer asked me "How comes we don't call each other by their ranks like "Corporal" or "Sergeant"?" that is easy answered: We don't like it. Its stupid to call a more or less stranger with a fictional rank. Anyway, what can also change a successful mission into a disaster is, when people don't follow order. If the team/squad leader says "Hold" you have to hold. Also "hold" normally means cover the area. When the leader says "Don't move outside that building" nobody gets out the door even though you are "100%" sure you can get your kill. We don't play for the kills, we play for the tactics.
      3. Something I really would like to see is some Role-play. I don't want you guys to get a story and stick to it. But it would be nice, when we are out on a mission, we could stop talking about the newest games and start roleplaying. Talk about the mission. Talk about your experiences in on the battlefield or just....don't talk at all. (I would like to have comments on that point)I guess those are the points that are the most important for me. The rest will come clear during my class tutorials!
      Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you have anything to add? Please leave a comment. I would like to have a comment from everybody in this group.
      Your input is really important for me and STAF. I don't want to make all the decisions alone. I do want a community where everybody has the right to tell about his thoughts.
      I do love our small community. I have fun with it and I think we have gone a long way...it would be a shame if it'll end on something like that. :P
      Many Greetings
    • Good post Moony,

      Some things I want to add are:

      • It's really hard to do some missions when we are with such a small group, we are for instance 5 people against 20-30 enemies. Which results in us constantly getting hurt or killed and long waiting times which can become a bit boring. So try to be more active guys.
      • I think not talking at all would be good in some stealth missions, but one thing I also like about our group is that the gaming sessions are always very social. Everyone is just constantly communicating with eachother which also makes us feel more like a close group.

      That's all. I hope we can have more activity in the future and more fun missions (guys really, you should come on more often, because missions are always a lot of fun :p)
    • The activity is the reason I posted this thread. But you are right. We need more activity.
      At the moment we are about to establish some rules for STAF, but right now it lacks on rules we actually want to have. You guys know, that we don't like fixed times for games (like "Everybody has to be there on Saturdays" and stuff like that) So don't expect rules that will break the main constalation of STAF ^^

      Thats right, and we can talk about privat things on mission. For example, when we are patrouling its completely okay to talk about privat stuff. You know, I love to have the social aspect in STAF. Everybody should be everybodys friend ^^
      But such talking can also be part of role play. What I meant is during mission, when we are underfire all the concentration should be used for the mission. Don't think about new games, but think of "Okay what do I have to do now?"
      I think on the battlefield we can expect some autonomy...meaning, you what to do when we "hold". ^^

      Thanks for your input. I'm still hyped due to yesterdays mission xD!
    • This won't be a popular opinion, but this is what I think.

      Personally, I think we change things too much. It seems like we're always changing something, whether that be PlayWithSix (which I never had any problems with), or adding some new mod that ends up breaking something. Don't get me wrong, mods are fun and some of them are really, really good. But, changing them all the time is quite annoying. We spend more time talking about mods only because we use so many mods and then change them - that's why people ask "What mods do I need". If we didn't have as much change with mods, or end up swapping launchers to ArmaSync it causes confusion and can often be time consuming.

      Someone said in our chat the other day that people who haven't installed ArmaSync are lazy. To be honest, I was quite annoyed by that. Just because somebody has commitments outside playing Arma they shouldn't be called "lazy". I don't want to spend hours navigating folders in Windows to install stuff, I want to play games when I can because my time is so limited.

      Again, this isn't a criticism of anyone. Hopefully people understand where I'm coming from.
    • I appreciate all the work you (and others) put into STAF. Then we have to find a way to include the social and casual part of our missions, but also some role-playing, although I quite like the way our missions are as of now. I wish peopel were more active, although we were quite many yesterday there were still people missing (although some people, such as Linga will hopefully be back soon). I see your points, Moony and Lust Cena. But like I said, I actually like the way our missions are. Yeah. Yesterday's mission was awesome! :D
    • Okay, I can see that point. It comes up often but let me just clear things up.

      1. There are major problems with play withSix. One is, the limit of download speed. Play withSix Limits the speed to 1MB/s with which people downloading mods for like 10h
        Also, Play withSix don't let me alternate mod folder. Right now we need special mod files within CBA and Euroforce to ensure that everything is working together with ACE3.
        The last thing about Play withSix is that it sometimes (for many people) just don't work. It sometimes refused to download or didn't launched at all. So many people ask me about something else to get rid of PwS. Even I was more frustrated about PwS than I felt it really helps.
        You are still allowed to use play withSix. But you NEED to contact me about which files need to be altered...everytime the mods update! I don't see how that would be possible for each and every member (when we would still use PwS)
      2. The Amount of mods was significantly lowered over the last year. To play on the Altis server we only need 7 Mods (with Alive being added lately). All the other mods are for gaming on Reshmaan, Chernarus, Takistan and Co.
        For me, Altis gets boring over the time. I also want to have some other scenarios.
        From what I could read, it sounded like you try to say I add mods each and everytime. Thats not true. Whenever I want to add a mod to the main mods (the 7 Needed mods) I ask about it in the forum. If I would handle mods about my likeness....we would end up with about 20 now. ^^
        Also I still don't see why everybody asks "Which mods do we need" everything is monitored here and here. I try to keep these threads as updated as possible.
      Don't know who said that about "lazyness" if it was me...I'm sorry. But last week I was REALLY mad. Some people can probably confirm that!
      But with Arma mods are natural. To get them install it needs abit aof caretaking. Anyway, I'm always up for helping people if they have trouble with installing the mods.

      I do understand your point. You are not the first one with this opinion. But as I said, for me it is natural to have mods in arma to improve the gameplay. With Arma3Sync we have a good, easy and fast way to provide a specific modset to everybody. Of course there can still be problems with it (as encountered by some) but I'm not perfect. We need to encounter them first before I can fix them!

      Many greetings
    • I agree to most of the points. I would love to see more people on the mission so we can have bigger and longer missions. I loved the mission yesterday. Good five hour game.

      • I like that we have arma3sync but there might be a few problems if you have it in the same folder as your arma 3 folder. For me that deleted the game. So if the thread for the arma3sync tutorial would be updated, that would be great.
      • Is it maybe an idea if more people would specialise in a few classes, so we have more experienced shooters. Don't know if it is achievable or if it is a good idea but just putting it out there.
      • Is it maybe possible as the summer is comming, and I imagine more people having spare time, we have missions during the week. Or maybe a daily ops.
      • Is it an idea that there is a thread so we can post our dates that we are gone as i'll be gone for four weeks for my holiday. So everybody knows of everybody if they are here or not. So we know how big the mission can be.

      And i can confirm Moony has had better weeks :D .

      So guys join the missions. Would be awesome to have a bigger group.

      Many greetings and good luck on the battlefield and beyond

      Because they are awesome
      • I already did that. Also the Global Announcement under the logo on the Forum already points that out! (The big blue box)
      • It would be cool if I could make a list of what people prefer to use (For me it would be Medic/Pilot/MG Gunner) The Idea is good. I think the quality of our mission would be raised if we have a good mixture of people who know their roles
      • Its funny, because thats the EXACT opposite from what michelsen told me last weekend. He assumes that we will be less people in the summer weeks due to vacation and warm weather (being outside and nasty stuff like that xD)
      • Look in the top left corner. Click on your name and then choose Asence. You can say From XXX To XXX with a Reason! ^^
      Yeah, but with yesterdays gaming my madness has lowered sagnificantly! xD
      Many Greetings

      (The input I got from everybody of you is exact the input I have expected the whole time now. Keep it up!)
    • Don't understand me wrong. I don't want to form a real virtual army here. And don't forbid that privat conversation are made during the missions. As I said, but also...the Focus should be on the mission. If we are distracted by other things...you're going to have a bad time!
      As you said, I just want some organization in our missions!
    • Moony wrote:

      Don't understand me wrong. I don't want to form a real virtual army here. And don't forbid that privat conversation are made during the missions. As I said, but also...the Focus should be on the mission. If we are distracted by other things...you're going to have a bad time!
      As you said, I just want some organization in our missions!
      Okay. I agree wit you. We definitely should try that. THen we'll see how it works out. ;)

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