[Campaign] Operation "Boiling Minds"

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    • [Campaign] Operation "Boiling Minds"


      Date >>> Weekly
      Tech-Support >>> an hour before mission start
      Campaign Start >>> 02.02.2019
      Event start >>> ~ 7:45 PM MET
      Mission start >>> ~ 8 PM MET

      1. Mission Details
      2. Status
      3. Briefing
      4. Slot List
      5. Information

      Mission Details

      Starting Date: 29th of March 2036
      Map: Rosche
      Time: not specified
      Weather: changing
      |-> Prediction: Cloudy

      The world tension is rising after the escalation in Iraq. All over the country fights between Iraqi forces - that just joined CSAT - and US forces split the opinions between supporter of US Troops in Iraq and opposer. "This is simply a result of America trying to get involved in every conflict across the globe", David Mulligan from London says. "Its not our fault that the Iraqis handled their nuclear weapons so careless.", says Henry Arlond, host of a Pro-War blog.

      A side from conflicts in Iraq it seems that also North Korea started to actively threatens South Korea and the USA with further Missile Tests. There are reports of a South Korean Border Guard found dead near Chunggang. It is yet unclear what happened. This morning South Koreans President gave a comment: "We don't know what happened yet. We don't want to jump to conclusions too early. [...] The Situation is delicate."

      Its hard to say at this point what the escalations in the Middle East and Asia mean for the rest of the world but its clear that people become more and more worried about CSAT trying to plot against NATO and its allies yet again.


      "After the escalation in Iraq and since we stay there longer than expected we decided to offer our contractor a training. We agreed with Germany that STAF Contractor will take part in a three week long training exercise in Germany. To be precise near a town called 'Rosche'.

      Its needless to say that if you attend this course we expect that you represent us as best as possible. For once it would be nice if we are not directly involved in a nuke going off somewhere.

      You will be placed in a hotel in the town of Rosche. Hour helicopter will be stored at the Bundeswehr Military Base. As transport you will have SUVs and Offroads. Nothing more is needed. The MRAPs are in Iraq anyway at this point." - Turumai Maru

      Slot List

      There will be no Slotlist.



      Other Information
      • Respawn takes 2 Minutes
      • No Vehicle respawn (all Licenced Vehicle will be available in the next mission again)
      • The Arsenal is limited to the PMC Equipment
      • The MD500, UH-60 are ONE USE ONLY, if it is destroyed it is lost (this does not apply if it's destroyed due to bugs etc.)
      (Needless to say that this will probably be updated once "something" happens)
    • Update:

      An investigation has been started regarding the attacker last weekend in the village of Teyendorf. During the clean-up and the identification of the dead gun man Bundeswehr soldier found this chatlog on one of their phones:

      For now it is unclear who this "client" is and what their intentions are. It was not possible to find this "company" yet as it seems that it never existed.


      "We want to keep you guys over there in Germany. It seems that there is something bigger going on. This might even be fairly lucrative for you und the company. Helping out a country like Germany could grand us access to some nice weapon and equipment deals.

      Also, since we booked a training for you...what better training can you get? Bundeswehr officials seem to agree and are happy for helping hands." - Turumai Maru