[27.04.2019] Operation "Dirty Angels"

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    • [27.04.2019] Operation "Dirty Angels"


      Date >>> 27.04.2019
      Tech-Support >>> 19:00
      Event start >>> 19:45
      Mission start >>> 20:00

      1. Mission Details
      2. Status
      3. Briefing
      4. Slot List
      5. Informations

      Mission Details

      Date: 27.04.2036
      Map: Takistan
      Time: 14:30
      Weather: Clear


      The current status of the situation in Takistan is unknown. After our last contract in the Feruz Abad Region the Russian Federation took over the oversight of the local militias and Takistani Army as Requested by NATO. The US Army Is no longer allowed to send in troops into the country since the Takistani Government lost faith in the US Military Machine.

      The locals are split between alignment with their government or radical Islamist insurgents.

      The Takistani Army only has a marginal presence in the area.


      STAF Security Company - in the following labelled as the COMPANY - and the International Development & Aid Project - in the following labelled as the CLIENT - agree to the following CONTRACT and its TERMS.

      The CLIENT commissions the COMPANY and its employees - in the following labelled as the CONTRACTORS - to pick up the Aid Worker at the Rasman Airbase, Feruz-Abad, Takistan - in the following labelled as the MISSION AREA - and escort them securely to locations due for human rights and humanitarian inspection.

      The CONTRACT states the following CONDITIONS:
      • The Aid Worker have to visit all planed locations
      • The Aid Worker not to stay save at any time
      • The COMPANY and its CONTRACTORS have to make sure that no Civilian and their property is jeopardized
      Aside from these CONDITIONS, the Company has to follow Military, Humanitarian and internal laws. If the situation deems breaking these laws, clearance has to be given.

      The PAYMENT will be set to a fixed sum of 2 Million $. Expenses like Transport and Equipment costs are covered by the CLIENT.

      The COMPANY carries responsibility for any broken rules, CONDITIONS and laws by its CONTRACTORS during the MISSION TIME.


      "Listen up, as usual - I know many of you have been there before - Takistan is a shit hole. Nearly ever 'Civilian' carries or at least owns a firearm and their allegiance usually only shows if they or if they don't fire at you. So with that said, keep your fucking heads down and stay safe. Take it easy and plan your route thoroughly.

      Several Local groups, the Russians and the Takistani Army are considered friendly towards us but some locals and the Islamist insurgents are definitely a thread. I completely expect you meeting some of them so keep your eyes open.
      You will only get Bodyguard gear. The reason is, after a long history of foreign military walking through their villages the local population reacts a bit hostile towards any unknown military force.

      Thats all my from my side. If you have further questions ask them before you are send over to Takistan!" - Turumai Maru

      Slot List

      8x Bodyguard



      Other Information
      • No Arsenal
      • Respawn on Vehicles (or Rasman Airbase should you manage to loose both vehicle)
      • Support by Russian troops possible