[Campaign] Operation "Smoking Snake"

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    • [Campaign] Operation "Smoking Snake"


      Date >>> Weekly
      Tech-Support >>> an hour before mission start
      Campaign Start >>> 11.05.2019
      Event start >>> ~ 7:45 PM MET
      Mission start >>> ~ 8 PM MET

      1. Mission Details
      2. Status
      3. Briefing
      4. Slot List
      5. Information

      Mission Details

      Starting Date: 11th of March 2036
      Map: Lingor
      Time: not specified
      Weather: changing
      |-> Prediction: Sunny

      It nearly seems like the recent military demonstrations of Iran, Iraq, China and Sudan - all four of these states are under the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (short CSAT) - are a clear sign towards NATO states. Together with thousands of Soldiers and Vehicle these parades showed the recent developments in military gear and machinery.

      Secretary General of NATO finds clear words for this demonstration of power: "It is worrying that these states - some of them culprits of the events on Altis and the Horizon Islands - decided to show their power in an unstable time like this. We will do our best to keep piece around the world. To achieve this we have measures going on this second to prevent yet another global conflict."

      Our modern conflict expert Klaus Brockmeier commented this morning, "Its clear that CSAT is out for something bigger. With Iran, Iraq and North Korea under its wing it has three military forces that are capable of producing nuclear war heads" he says. "Attacks on the USA and Europe would have catastrophic effects on the world as a whole".

      We will keep you informed about this volatile situation.

      In other news, the dog fluffels...


      "This time its going to the equator. A small South American country contracted us to deal with a rebel pest getting bigger. It seems that the country is close to a civil war. Local rebel groups currently are mostly in the northern part of the island state. They consist of civilians with AKs and former soldier. Here and there they managed to gather military equipment like rocket launcher and even a few tanks are supposedly missing. So keep your heads down.

      I don't know why he outsources this to a PMC when he has more than enough military power over there but I ain't saying no to a good payment - and surely you aren't as well." - Turumai Maru

      Slot List

      There will be no Slotlist.



      Other Information
      • Respawn takes 2 Minutes
      • No Vehicle respawn (all Licenced Vehicle will be available in the next mission again)
      • The Arsenal is limited to the PMC Equipment
      • For the Zeuses:
        • Lingor Military units = "Uganda People's Defense Force",
        • Rebels = "Central African Rebel" and "Sudan Revolutionary Front",
        • Civilians = "Civilians (African Christian)"
    • Some more details for everyone (especially the Zeus):
      With this campaign we are trying out something "new". When you join the mission you'll see a bunch of Marker (mostly Blufor) on the map. These marker indicate Unit emplacements. E.g. an Infantry Marker indicates that a Infantry Platoon (or whatever size would fit) is at this position.

      With this we want to have some dynamic on the battlefield. E.g. if Blufor manages to loose a tank platoon in one week it will not be available anymore. So over time there will be some movement on the map (without the need to actually place the units...for performance).
      Anything that happens can have an effect on the overall campaign. If we loose a post the enemy might have a free way to take over a town.

      I hope this all works out as nice as in my head. We shall see!

      (If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask me. I know I suck at describing things!)