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    • Help us out!

      Hey guys,

      again I want to apologize for what happened the last two month! Most of you know that I have a rough time atm...and that is mostly shown by some financial issues. (I just hope it will get better next month)

      I now want to ask you guys: Is there anybody who wants to support us monthly with some € for server payment?
      Right now we are hosting our server at Hetzner. This is a hoster well known and recommended in the Arma Clan scene. The rented server is following: Hetzner Online GmbH: Dedicated Root Server PX60

      Right now we pay 94€ each month for the server. That are 70€ for the server and 25€ for having Windows Server 2003 running on it. (Some might say:"Just use Linux on it..." but believe me 1. Linux is no fun for a Windows user like me AND 2. Arma 3 Server does not run well on Michelsen and I decided to rent the Windows Server!)

      To this point Linga payed a total of 80€ each month for the server, but he is just a student.
      That's why we are looking for somebody actively contribute for the server payment. With actively I mean: Help us pay the server each month.
      Any amount will help - be it 5€ or 50€.

      I don't want ANYBODY do feel obligated to pay anything. That was what Linga and I wanted from the beginning "No monthly member fee". Who ever helps us, does that because he wants to help STAF sustain and grow.
      If you don't think you are able to send us money each month but you want to help out, we are also up for donations for Server payment or other thing in need to be payed. (e.g. Webspace + .com Domain every 6 month) For that, just contact me.

      That's everything from me
      If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! ^^
      Many Greetings