Joint Ops pitch (again)

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    Hey guys,

    once again I have been contacted by a guy with a mission. He is part of a unit currently looking for a Joint Ops (PVE) Partner. In this case they specifically look for a PMC unit to hand out contracts during missions. This PMC would therefor form an own squad. Maybe we'd do JTAC work. Maybe some dedicated Medic work. Maybe just be a normal squad.
    We are not the only unit they contacted (two other) and they plan to only hire "one".

    The catch is: The weekly mission would be on Thursday 7:30 PM GMT (so, 8:30 PM CET). Optional, if they "like" us, they'd offer us to join their Sunday WW2 Missions.
    Another thing is: Obviously they are using a different mod set. You can see the list here.

    Here is my opinion on this:
    As usual I like the idea of playing joint ops with another clan. He told me they are rather large with around 100 people and a regular attendance of 25-30. It would be interesting to have some more stuff going on during a mission. I'd even count these missions as actual PMC missions - meaning we would gain equipment from them.
    I also like the idea of having mid-week missions again. We as a clan really only play together on a Saturday.

    My only issue is that they expect us to join every week. I told him that in our regular mission we are about 7-10 people but I doubt that we can get these numbers during the week. (Especially since Liffy and I couldn't join every other week due to us getting off work at 8 PM)
    The other admins share my opinion.

    Now my question would be: Are you interested in this? Would you attend such an event regularly?
    Please vote but also tell us your opinion if you'd not join these mission. I'd like to know why!!
    No maybes as I kind need to tell him if we are interested or not! So if you'd say "maybe" just go for a no.

    Lets see where this is going. If you have any further question just ask in this thread.
    Many Greetings