STAFs RAW Recording

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  • Hey guys,

    after I recently realized how many great, funny or fucked up moments are just gone because I either didn't record them or - even worse - never uploaded them I decided to now upload every mission I record to our YouTube channel.
    These videos will be completely unedited and unchanged from the start of the recording until the end. What ever has been said during these videos will be in them. That's why I also decided to unlist them. So you will only be able to watch them with the playlist link or the actual video link.
    I'll make a new post whenever I uploaded a new video.

    If you want to upload your raw recordings in this playlist as well, write me a message in the forum or on discord and we will talk about it. I'd like to have multiple point of views uploaded in this playlist but I can understand if you want your recordings on your YouTube Channel.

    That's all from me
    See ya later