[COOP][GlobMob] Operation Gulaschkanone

  • Operation Gulaschkanone

    Global Mobilisation DLC Required



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: TBA (depends on player base)

    Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MEST

    Minimum Players: 4 (+ me)


    Date: 19th November 1988

    Time: 06:00 UTC+1 / MET

    Location: Weferlingen (Winter)

    Side: BLUFOR / West Germany Recon

    Weather: Fog / Light Snow


    Undercover agent, code name 'Seemöwe', contacted us concerning secret schematics of the Soviet Union's brand new main battle tank designated as 'Objekt 188'. He managed to get a hold of the schematics and smuggled them into the border region between the BRep and the GDR. Seemöwe is currently on the eastern side of the border an cannot cross it at this moment in time to not jeopardise his cover.


    A covert team of BRep special forces, callsign 'Schmetterling', is tasked to cross the border, make contact with Seemöwe, receive the schematics of Objekt 188, and return to the BRep undetected. Seemöwe must not be extracted. Lethal force is authorised but detection is to be avoided. GDR Border Guards at two crossings (Alpha and Bravo) have been bribed successfully using an assortment of bananas, blue jeans, VCRs, and David Hasselhoff vinyls.


    1. Starting at Außenposten 17, Schmetterling will join the motorised patrol. The patrol will drop off Schmetterling at Crossing Alpha and then continue on its original route.
    2. Schmetterling will cross the border at Crossing Alpha
    3. Schmetterling will meet Seemöwe north-east of Walbeck and receive the schematics of Objekt 188
    4. Schmetterling will move south using the cover of the forest
    5. Schmetterling will exfil through Crossing Bravo.


    • Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz Siebzehn - Command
    • Schmetterling - Recon Team
    • Blitz - Attack Helicopter Squadron
    • Donner - Armoured Platoon stationed in the forest around Außenposten 17




    • Squad Leader (ACE Doctor)
    • Medic (ACE Doctor)
    • 6x Soldier