[COOP][Horror] A Happy Mission

  • A Happy Mission

    Horror Repo Required



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: 31.10.2020

    Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MEST

    Minimum Players: 4 (+ me)


    Date: 31st October 2035

    Time: 16:00 UTC+4:30

    Location: REDACTED

    Side: BLUFOR / PMC

    Weather: Shit


    US-REDACTED are running blacksites all over REDACTED, shifting high-value prisoners between them on a regular basis to prevent the enemy from rescue attemps. Today, Prisoner 67, identity REDACTED, is scheduled for transportation from REDACTED to Blacksite 67 at REDACTED. Skies are not clear for air transport, thus Prisoner 67 has to be moved on the ground through mountain pass REDACTED.
    We've been hired for the heavy lifting. Pick up Prisoner 67 at REDACTED, transport him to to Blacksite 67 at REDACTED and hand him back over to US-REDACTED. Exfil by ground transport after. Should be easy enough.


    The HK121 / Navid 9.3mm medium machine gun because Pete needs a bigger caliber that can do a proper rip & tear.

    Regular PMC arsenal.

    • Squad Leader (ACE Doctor)
    • 2x Medic (ACE Doctor)
    • PMCs



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