[Mini-Campaign] Operation "Spark"

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    Tech-Support >>> an hour before mission start

    Campaign Start >>> 06.03.2021

    Event start >>> ~ 7:45 PM MET

    Mission start >>> ~ 8 PM MET


    • Mission Details
    • Status
    • Briefing
    • Slot List
    • Information

    Mission Details

    Starting Date: 28thof January 2038

    Map: Thirsk (Winter)

    Time: 2:25 PM

    Weather: Snowing, Foggy

    |-> Prediction: Snowing, Foggy

    Thirsk was once part of Finnland but had to be ceded after WW2. Its ownership was given to the Soviet Union. During the 2009 escalations in Chernarus the Island was a prime target for NATO occupation due to its close location to allies and enemies.

    In 2010 NATO Forces took over the island with an invasion force by the Royal British Navy and since then British Troops are stationed in multiple location on the island.


    "We are on the other side this time. Russians are fed up with British soldiers on 'their' soil. We have been hired by Moscow to weaken the British Defenses on the Island to open up an opportunity for the Russians to take back what was once theirs.

    At first we need to disrupt their communications on the eastern part of the Island. When this is done we need to make sure that the Russian invasion force isn't spotted before they arrive. Locate and destroy a mobile radar site some where on the eastern part of the Island. Last but not least we need to weaken their supplies. In the south they have a warehouse full of equipment. Destroy the equipment and take out all guarding troops. There will be no exfill. Get away unseen or get rid of your follower and find a quite spot where you can stay and wait for further instructions. I'd suggest the south eastern peninsula.

    There is guards and patrols all across the Island so stay sharp.

    We don't have a lot of time with this one. We will start deploying you on the 28th of January and want you gone by the 29th of January. This should be an easy thing if you keep concentrated and work together as a team....so knowing you this will end horribly.

    " - Turumai Maru

    Slot List

    • Teamleader
    • Medic (2 if we are more than 5)
    • Explosive Specialist
    • Rifleman or other roles (can be decided on the fly)
      The Other Cunts




    Other Information

    • Respawn takes 2 Minutes
    • No Vehicles
    • The Arsenal is limited to the PMC Equipment and Winter gear
    • There will be an area for loadout creation in the beginning of the mission. Wait for further instructions on mission day.