• Hells Outpost



    Date >>> 20.03.2021 [Probably]

    Event start >>> ~ 7:45 PM MET

    Mission start >>> ~ 8 PM MET


    • Mission Details
    • Briefing
    • Slot List
    • Information

    Mission Details

    Starting Date: June 2003

    Map: Takistan Mountains

    Time: 08:30

    Weather: Clear

    After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001 the United States launched a swift invasion of Afghanistan. It is now 2003 and a sizeable US garrison remains in the country to train the Afghani army and 'keep the peace'. They have multiple FOB's located at tactical positions around the country.

    Garrison duty is often boring and uneventful. This is not the case at the McDick FOB however. This outpost is located in the Afghani mountains, a hotspot of Taliban activity, and is thus often the subject of massive attacks. It's no wonder that the soldiers have nicknamed it Hells Outpost.


    Congratulations gentlemen!

    You have been assigned to reinforce the garrison at the McDick FOB. Make your way over there ASAP, the base commander will brief you on your tasks.


    Slot List

    There will be no Slotlist.




    Other Information

    • Respawn takes 2 minutes
    • There will be a full arsenal available (since im too lazy to whitelist all the US gear) but as usual please stick to 'normal' loadouts.
    • Artillery support will be available, this can be called in through Long Range Radio
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