[Campaign] Operation Trebuchet

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    Date >>> TBA

    Tech-Support >>> an hour before mission start

    Campaign Start >>> TBD

    Event start >>> ~ 7:45 PM MET

    Mission start >>> ~ 8 PM MET


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    Mission Details

    Starting Date: August 5th 2023

    Map: Lythium

    Time: Not specified

    Weather: Sunny

    For the past 5 years the former French colony of Lythium has been a battleground between the Houthi Anshar Allah rebels and the UN/French backed Lythium National Army (LNA) and it's democratic government.

    The ongoing stalemate was recently broken when Houthi forces now using Soviet equipment launched a sudden and brutal surprise assault all across the country butchering LNA forces which in turn resulted in a mass route towards the southern capital of Kinduf and its airfield. This was only halted when French infantry backed up by heavy artillery, armor and air support halted the rebel advance.

    At the request of the Lythium government, in july France deployed the 3ème Groupement Tactique Interarmes into the area.

    Using the recently secured airfield near Kinduf now renamed to base d'opérations avancée De Gaulle French troops used it to aid LNA troops in recapturing their country.

    Over the next 4 weeks succesfull operations against hostile forces resulted in French troops recapturing around 50% of the country and dealing serious damage to the rebels manpower and equipment.

    Despite the successes of French forces, bad leadership and planning from LNA troops allowed rebel forces to retreat back into the mountains to the north giving them a chance to regroup and rearm.

    With a lack of pressure in this area the rebels started a massive counter offensive that threatened to push LNA and French troops out of the country.

    It is here STAF will be deployed.

    We will join a fresh group of French troops that just arrived at FoB De Gaulle for Operation Trebuchet. French troops will push the rebels out of the mountains while our focus will be on clearing out the countryside.

    If all goes well in a few weeks STAF will help raise the French flag over the presidential palace in Kalae Noowi.


    Heads up guys,

    The French government has requested that STAF acts as back up for their troops during their counter offensive in the region.

    During our time here we will be operating out of FoB De Gaulle under the command of Major Lavigne and his subordinate Captain Deladier.

    I know you guys have your own opinions about the French but please refrain from causing another international incident.

    - Turumai Maru




    Other Information

    • Respawn takes 2 Minutes
    • Our own vehicles have been delivered on the airfield for use during missions. Major Lavigne has asked that you refrain from taking French Abrams tanks and APC's
    • The Arsenal is limited to the PMC Equipment
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