[Free Fall/Survival] [Standalone] SUPPORT BY FIRE

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  • Pathfinders lead the way for airborne forces | The British Army


    Intended Start Date : 06/08/2022

    Intended Start Time : 19:00 BST +/- 15 minutes [standard mission time]

    Minimum Required player count : 6 + Zeus/OL

    Type : Standalone/Current Affairs

    Mods/Mod Set

    *Don't forget WS non-owner


    Operational Info

    Location : Chernarus

    Environment : Hotbed, Hostile

    Date: circa 2022


    With much of Chernarus now under Russian control - following their invasion a few months ago - NATO forces are beginning their first major assault on the occupying forces.


    You are the Pathfinder Platoon, an elite group of British Paratroopers tasked with conducting isolated, high-risk operations, usually behind enemy lines, to disrupt hostile forces and gather intelligence.

    Your task is exactly that, you will be deployed via High-Altitude Low-Opening [HALO] drop behind the Russian 'hotbed' in order to infiltrate two major objectives and destroy them.

    Your callsign will be "1-1 BRAVO" (reference map images below)

    Other callsigns of Pathfinder Platoon will be operating in the AO, the Platoon Lieutenant will be your link between them if support is required.


    Your drop zone has been designated as a small area south of the first objective, just west of a Russian MSR - needless to say this area will be swarming with Russian patrols.

    1-1 BRAVO will drop under the cover of night before moving North to establish a temporary camp at Svyatoy Roman. (marked below)

    ! It is vital to the mission that your callsign is not detected before phase line purple - Red markers indicate regular hostile vehicle patrol routes



    After staying overnight at your temporary camp, 1-1 BRAVO will continue North and attack the Russian military base and its surrounding structures.

    We are not confident what to expect, but given its proximity to a major airfield and main supply route, this base will likely posses significant logistical value to the Russians, so expect a defensible location.

    Various surrounding locations need to be cleared out, upon 1-1 ALPHA will provide further orders based on patrol reports from all callsigns.


    In order to prepare for the assault on our final objective (GOLF), the Pathfinder Platoon will move from West to East across the Russian MSR to the new AO.


    OBJ Golf involves 2 key sites:

    Site A is a small Headquarters used to manage forces in the region, clear it out.

    Next, proceed to Site B (airfield) and conduct laser-designated strikes via your integrated Joint Terminal Attack Controller (2IC)

    Priority targets include: Radar positions; AA emplacements; Aircraft; Transport vehicles


    Due to the dynamic nature of this mission, extraction information will be provided towards the end of the operation no later than the first JTAC strike on the airfield.


    The Platoon Lieutenant will be on the ground for most of the operation to provide strategical support and share information across the various callsigns involved, so don't worry too much about planning your every move, just be prepared to react to enemy fire.


    1-1 BRAVO will communicate directly with 1-1 ALPHA, your Platoon Leader.

    The team leader & 2IC of your section will be equipped with a long-range radio.


    Your Platoon will be deployed into the enemy hotbed, so external supports are not a possibility

    • Air support will be available during OBJ Golf
    • Contact 1-1 ALPHA with any requests
    • Nearby callsigns may be available for support by fire



    - NATO Forces

    - Chernarus Defence Force

    - British Armed Forces

    - Western Militias (STAF)


    - Russian Armed Forces

    - Eastern Militias (Wagner Group)

    Team Composition (1-1 BRAVO)

    • Team Leader (Killerfish*)
    • Grenadier
    • Medic (Liffy)
    • Rifleman

    • 2IC (Archangel)
    • Machine Gunner (Grim)
    • Marksman (Pete)
    • Medic (Moony)

    A limited arsenal will be available for loadout creation - obviously don't take an MG if you aren't a machine gunner etc. Mission pertinent equipment will be located nearby (further information will be provided by your Platoon Leader)

    Reconnaissance reports point towards an experimental chemical weapon in Russian hands, so all troops will be issued respirator masks.


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  • I'll go grenadier or 2IC depending on the need. I might not be there next week though

    No worries, I'll put you down for 2IC since its more important and if you end up being unsure (based on the mission date) if you can make it I'll stick you in grenadier (glorified rifleman) and make someone else 2IC