[WW2 Northern Fronts] Njet Molotoff!

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  • Winter War Edition (Finn vs Soviet) | Nordic / Mediterranean | Know Your  Meme


    Date >>> TBD

    Tech-Support >>> an hour before mission start

    Event start >>> ~ 7:45 PM CEST

    Mission start >>> ~ 8 PM CEST

    Minimum players >>> 6 + Zeus


    • Mission Details
    • Slot List
    • Information

    Mission Details

    Date: December 1939

    Map: Ihantala Winter

    Time: 1200

    Weather: Snowing


    The enemy is attempting to break through the Mannerheim Line, you must hold the line against the communist invaders at any cost. There are three primary lines of defence:

    1. Saatana Line
    2. Vittu Line
    3. Perkele Line

    You are only authorized to retreat when the defensive position is untenable or when directly ordered by High Command. High Command will also inform you of any secondary objectives or targets of opportunity. The enemy will most likely make use of combined elements to attempt a breakthrough, expect enemy infantry and armoured units backed up by artillery and air support. Your unit will have a dedicated radioman that is able to communicate with High Command and call in (limited) artillery support. Additional information will be provided on the field.

    Slot List

    • Team Leader -
    • Medic (x2) -
    • Radioman (x1) - Möömer
    • Machine Gunner (x1) -
    • Rifleman (rest of the slots) -

      If we somehow manage to get 8+ players I am open to duo-zeus requests.




    Subject to change, Northern Front mods will be added to the repository when a date for the mission is set.

    NOTE: THE WW2 REPO IS REQUIRED!!! IF YOU DONT HAVE THIS DOWNLOADED ON TIME YOU CAN NOT JOIN. | Also be advised that you will have to download two additional mods

    Other Information

    • Respawn takes 2 minutes.
    • The radioman role will be the only person to carry a radio and able to contact High Command.
    • If you are KIA you will respawn at the next line of defence. You are allowed to move back to the previous line at your own risk unless ordered otherwise.