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    The presence of Islamic Extremists in the Lythium region remains strong and the need for counterinsurgency operations has called upon a combined effort from the Special Forces community. A Task Force made up of reconnaissance, special aviation and special airborne forces has been stationed at Kinduf airbase with the overall task of taking down 2 high value targets.

    This operation will heavily emphasize surprise raids, close-quarters battle and night time assaults. The campaign will continue until both targets have been captured or killed.


    Modlist (NEW)


    Roles: (Bring what you need when you need it)

    Pilot (x2)

    Operations Sergeant - Team Leader

    Weapons Sergeant (x2) - Anti-Tank, Machine Gun & Sniper

    Engineer Sergeant (x2) - Breacher + Demolitions/EOD

    Medical Sergeant (x2)

    Commo Sergeant - JTAC

    Intelligence Sergeant - Drone Operator

    These roles are guidelines, the premise of this is that anyone can bring anything based on what the mission requires.

    There are no loadout limitations and every player has basic medical training.

    In return, the enemy forces will be more punishing & realistic, such as their positioning or response to audio.

    Campaign Completion: 25%

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