First Contact: Crashdown

  • First Contact: Crashdown

    - Arma 3 Contact DLC NOT Required* -

    *It's good tho and you should play it. Mission events are happening in parallel.



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: 1st April

    Time: 20:00

    Minimum Players: 6 (+ me)

    Wanted to get this out before we go on our six week road trip in mid-April. Lets see how many show up. If it's too short notice, I might be able to move it to the 15th but that's like the night before we leave, so, better this weekend.


    Date: 3rd July 2039

    Time: 2253 Local Time

    Location: Bystrica (Let's pretend this is eastern Livonia or so.)

    Side: BLUFOR / KSK

    Weather: Clear / Foggy


    The joint NATO / LDF (Livonian Defence Force) excercise "Electron" was aborted prematurely after a US-drone presumably malfunctioned and killed mulltiple LDF personnel in a tragic accident. All NATO staff tied to the excercise were ordered to leave the country as soon as possible. Members of a KSK recon element, callsign "Adler", were taking part in the excercise as well and were on their way to the central airport for extraction, travelling in two helicopters (Adler-1 and -2).


    A bright light followed by a sudden loss of power has caused Adler-1 to emergency crashland in eastern Livonia. Adler-2's status is unknown but its fate is likely similar as it was following an identical flightpath only a couple kilometres behind. Adler-1 has multiple casualties and is currently consolidating at Crashsite Adler-1, which is likely somewhere north-east of the village of Pusta (see map). Electronics (GPS, NVGs, tablets, flashlights) ceased to function, short range radios however still work. Most of the unit's equipment was with Adler-2, leaving only limited resources to Adler-1.

    During Excercise Electron, just north of Pusta (and west of crashsite Adler-1) was NATO Comm Node Cricket, used to support communications, coordination, and monitoring. It is unclear whether it had been decommissioned already or if NATO personnel is still on site and could provide assistance. Futhermore, no intel is available on the status of other NATO assets, the LDF, or a potential OPFOR.



    The first priority is situational awareness. After sucessfully consolidating at Crashsite Adler-1, KSK survivors will complete the following immediate objectives:

    1. Establish a status on NATO
      1. Investigate Comm Node Cricket
      2. Locate Adler-2's crashsite
    2. Establish a status on the LDF
    3. Establish a status on a potential OPFOR
    4. Establish a status on CIVPOP

    Assuming NATO EUCOM can be contacted, further orders may be issued, ultimately leading to a successful extraction.


    KSK survivors, their leader, and a couple medics. No arsenal.


    It's a horror mission.


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