STAF - Modded Minecraft Server

  • Hello there,

    I've decided to make a modded minecraft server (survival, duh). Since I obviously like everyone here so much its now open to all of you dimwits.

    Before you can join there are a couple of steps that need to be followed. First off all you'll need to download and setup CurseForge and Better Minecraft (Fabric). Better Minecraft is a modpack which takes vanilla minecraft and makes it better without straying off too much from the orignal content. It adds lots of new stuff like dungeons, enemies, mobs, biomes and more. You can find more info about the modpack on the following page.

    CurseForge can be downloaded by clicking the following link. Make sure you select ''standalone'' unless you want to deal with Overwolf (which I personally hate).

    After Cursforge is installed open the program and browse to ''Minecraft''. Once you've clicked on minecraft it should say ''Browse Modpacks'' on the top middle of the screen. In here you can search for ''Better Minecraft''. The first one to pop up should be ''Better MC [FABRIC] - BMC1'' (see screenshot below).


    From there you can click ''Install'' and go back to your ''My Modpacks'' page. After installing you can now click ''Play'' on the modpack in CurseForge. It should now open your Minecraft launcher (Make sure you actually have this aswell, if you dont have it and dont know how to get it just google it you lazy twat...)

    After clicking play and logging into your Minecraft account in the launcher you can now start up the game with the modified installation. From there you can add the STAF Minecraft Server to your server list.

    IP Address:

    Last but not least, make sure to check your settings and fine-tune some stuff to your liking. The modpack can be pretty heavy so high render distance etc. can be a performance killer.

    Congrats, you are actually able to do something!

    P.S. If you have any ideas or feedback for the server you can always contact me, I wont promise I'll add everything :)