[Horror] Containment Breach

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    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: Planned for 15-07 if enough players are present, otherwise TBA

    Time: 20:00

    Minimum Players: 5 (+ Zeus), from 5+ players onwards I will accept a Co-Zeus for some extra immuhrsion, DM on Discord if interested.


    Urgent message from Director [Redacted]

    The foundation has lost communications with Facility [Redacted] located in the abandoned Esseker region. It is suspected that the facility has been attacked by the Cult of [Redacted]. As of now it is uncertain if there have been containment breaches within the facility. Special operations team Foxtrot 1-1 has been activated to investigate the facility and recontain or destroy any escaped SCP entities. Foxtrot 1-1 will remain in direct contact with Director [Redacted] during this mission to receive instructions on special containment procedures that may be required. A further high security briefing will be held before Foxtrot 1-1 embarks on their mission.

    Team structure

    Team leader - x1 - SIM-only
    Field Medic - x2 - Geroosterd Broodje
    Field Technician - x1 - IndeedPlayingAsAnEngineerIsTheThingINeed
    Machine gunner - x1
    Operator - x7



    Note: Extra mods can be found in the STAF_HORROR repository, including STAF_New_Esseker. Modlist is subject to change, check again before mission start!
    Extra information

    • The Team Leader (or an assigned radioman) will be in contact with the Director (Overlord) during the mission to receive mission critical information. Disobeying direct orders from the Director will lead to the elimination of foundation personnel.
    • As usual with horror missions, the amount of immersion and fun also depends largely on the behaviour of the players. Try to roleplay a bit (don't instantly go 'ohmuhgawd a zambie') and don't troll (trying to climb or glitch through structures etc.) Intentional trolls will be left to rot in the Pit of Fun™ for 30 minutes.
    • A PMC Arsenal will be provided to swap out weapons/add missing equipment. It is requested that players don't change the general look of their outfit too much (stick to black) for muh immuhrsion.