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    I'd love to take gunner on the chopper if that's available.

    Otherwise i'll take JTAC again I really loved that last time.

    I will make you co-pilot for next mission then. Weapon controls are fairly self-explanatory so I will dm them to you.



    The UIA is an intergovernmental organisation tasked to promote and secure international co-operation and to create and maintain international order.

    A replacement for the ineffective United Nations, the organisation was established on the 24th of October 2030. Its objectives include maintaining international control and security of the global population, protecting the oil reserves, and eliminating all resistance groups to ensure security of scarce global resources in a time of serious overpopulation.


    CYTECH INDUSTRIES was formed by the UIA to study and produce new weapon technology as part of the Alliance's primary objective to protect the world's rapidly depleting resources and maintain law & order within the populace.

    CYTECH MOD – Arma 3 | Arma 3 underground terrain and assets mod


    You have been dispatched by the Maru Mining Company to fill new vacancies at the CYTECH INDUSTRIES mine & refinery.

    Two new medical staff have also been recently contracted. (2 slots available)



    The presence of Islamic Extremists in the Lythium region remains strong and the need for counterinsurgency operations has called upon a combined effort from the Special Forces community. A Task Force made up of reconnaissance, special aviation and special airborne forces has been stationed at Kinduf airbase with the overall task of taking down 2 high value targets.

    This operation will heavily emphasize surprise raids, close-quarters battle and night time assaults. The campaign will continue until both targets have been captured or killed.


    Modlist (NEW)


    Roles: (Bring what you need when you need it)

    Pilot (x2)

    Operations Sergeant - Team Leader

    Weapons Sergeant (x2) - Anti-Tank, Machine Gun & Sniper

    Engineer Sergeant (x2) - Breacher + Demolitions/EOD

    Medical Sergeant (x2)

    Commo Sergeant - JTAC

    Intelligence Sergeant - Drone Operator

    These roles are guidelines, the premise of this is that anyone can bring anything based on what the mission requires.

    There are no loadout limitations and every player has basic medical training.

    In return, the enemy forces will be more punishing & realistic, such as their positioning or response to audio.

    Campaign Completion: 25%



    Intended Start Date : TO BE DECIDED

    Intended Start Time : 20:00 CEST +/- 15 minutes

    Minimum Required Player Count : 5 + x2 Zeus (If we end up with like 10 people again, we may ask for some actors)

    Type : Horror/Survival


    **Needless to say, you might want to consider downloading the WW2 repo if you haven't**



    Location : Ukraine

    Environment : Behind enemy lines, Hostile

    Date : August 1941


    You are a family of Ukrainian farmers. Life behind the German frontlines is difficult, Hitler's racial crusade in the East has left many of your friends & family dead. Its about time you took the fight to the Nazi regime by joining the Partisan movement.

    ‣ Limited life pool: You have 3 respawns between you.

    ‣ Equipment: There is no arsenal or roles (except medic) so you will be reliant on whatever you spawn with
    Note* It is recommended you select the roles from top to bottom to ensure all the best equipment is selected

    ‣ No objective markers/leaders: You are entirely dependant in your decision making in this mission. Its up to you to designate navigators, leaders etc if you so wish

    ‣ Your actions will have consequences further down the line, so be considerate of risk vs reward.


    Pathfinders lead the way for airborne forces | The British Army


    Intended Start Date : 06/08/2022

    Intended Start Time : 19:00 BST +/- 15 minutes [standard mission time]

    Minimum Required player count : 6 + Zeus/OL

    Type : Standalone/Current Affairs

    Mods/Mod Set

    *Don't forget WS non-owner


    Operational Info

    Location : Chernarus

    Environment : Hotbed, Hostile

    Date: circa 2022


    With much of Chernarus now under Russian control - following their invasion a few months ago - NATO forces are beginning their first major assault on the occupying forces.


    You are the Pathfinder Platoon, an elite group of British Paratroopers tasked with conducting isolated, high-risk operations, usually behind enemy lines, to disrupt hostile forces and gather intelligence.

    Your task is exactly that, you will be deployed via High-Altitude Low-Opening [HALO] drop behind the Russian 'hotbed' in order to infiltrate two major objectives and destroy them.

    Your callsign will be "1-1 BRAVO" (reference map images below)

    Other callsigns of Pathfinder Platoon will be operating in the AO, the Platoon Lieutenant will be your link between them if support is required.


    Your drop zone has been designated as a small area south of the first objective, just west of a Russian MSR - needless to say this area will be swarming with Russian patrols.

    1-1 BRAVO will drop under the cover of night before moving North to establish a temporary camp at Svyatoy Roman. (marked below)

    ! It is vital to the mission that your callsign is not detected before phase line purple - Red markers indicate regular hostile vehicle patrol routes



    After staying overnight at your temporary camp, 1-1 BRAVO will continue North and attack the Russian military base and its surrounding structures.

    We are not confident what to expect, but given its proximity to a major airfield and main supply route, this base will likely posses significant logistical value to the Russians, so expect a defensible location.

    Various surrounding locations need to be cleared out, upon 1-1 ALPHA will provide further orders based on patrol reports from all callsigns.


    In order to prepare for the assault on our final objective (GOLF), the Pathfinder Platoon will move from West to East across the Russian MSR to the new AO.


    OBJ Golf involves 2 key sites:

    Site A is a small Headquarters used to manage forces in the region, clear it out.

    Next, proceed to Site B (airfield) and conduct laser-designated strikes via your integrated Joint Terminal Attack Controller (2IC)

    Priority targets include: Radar positions; AA emplacements; Aircraft; Transport vehicles


    Due to the dynamic nature of this mission, extraction information will be provided towards the end of the operation no later than the first JTAC strike on the airfield.


    The Platoon Lieutenant will be on the ground for most of the operation to provide strategical support and share information across the various callsigns involved, so don't worry too much about planning your every move, just be prepared to react to enemy fire.


    1-1 BRAVO will communicate directly with 1-1 ALPHA, your Platoon Leader.

    The team leader & 2IC of your section will be equipped with a long-range radio.


    Your Platoon will be deployed into the enemy hotbed, so external supports are not a possibility

    • Air support will be available during OBJ Golf
    • Contact 1-1 ALPHA with any requests
    • Nearby callsigns may be available for support by fire



    - NATO Forces

    - Chernarus Defence Force

    - British Armed Forces

    - Western Militias (STAF)


    - Russian Armed Forces

    - Eastern Militias (Wagner Group)

    Team Composition (1-1 BRAVO)

    • Team Leader (Killerfish*)
    • Grenadier
    • Medic (Liffy)
    • Rifleman

    • 2IC (Archangel)
    • Machine Gunner (Grim)
    • Marksman (Pete)
    • Medic (Moony)

    A limited arsenal will be available for loadout creation - obviously don't take an MG if you aren't a machine gunner etc. Mission pertinent equipment will be located nearby (further information will be provided by your Platoon Leader)

    Reconnaissance reports point towards an experimental chemical weapon in Russian hands, so all troops will be issued respirator masks.




    Intended Start Date : 26/03/22

    Intended Start Time : 19:00 GMT +/- 20minutes [standard mission time]

    Minimum Required player count : 6 + Zeus/OL

    Type : Standalone/Historical

    Mods/Mod Set

    IMPORTANT: This mission requires GlobMob, if you do not own the mod please ensure you load the non-owners version to play.


    Operational Info

    Location : County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland [UK]

    Environment : Domestic, Civilian

    Date : August 1971


    Nearly 50 years on from the partition of Ireland and conflict between the British State and dissident republicans continues throughout the North. While Belfast has become host to continued terrorist attacks, it is the border with the Republic that proves to be a hotspot for weapons smuggling, land grabs and bandit activity.


    You are Task Force Divider, a relief team composed of PARAs, RAMCs and RLCs under the command of the CoY Major. Intelligence and an all around quietness near the border, which lies only 4km away, points towards an approaching offensive by the Irish Republican Army and their collaborators. TFD will be stationed at a Royal Army Medical Corps temporary hospital to provide support to Sergeant Alistair Rae, responding to incidents and conducting patrols in the area.

    The CoY Major will remain in touch with you via LRR to provide additional tasking should others require assistance, this includes the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Royal Military Police.


    A. British Army personnel are authorised to stop & search any individual (including their vehicle/dwelling) whom they suspect of being involved in dissident activity.

    B. British Army personnel are authorised to arrest & imprison anyone whom they suspect of being involved in dissident activity.

    C. British Army personnel are authorised to shoot-to-kill any individual carrying a firearm without permission from Her Majesty.

    D. All domestic operations require British Army medical personnel [RAMC] to provide unconditional assistance to citizens of Her Majesty's Kingdom. This excludes those considered 'dissident'.

    E. All domestic operations require British Army EOD personnel to remove any and all improvised explosive devices which are intended to be used in acts of terrorism/dissidence.

    F. All British Army personnel must be accountable, proportionate and justified in their acts. Any and all violations of the rights & freedoms of the people of the British Sovereignty will be interdicted by Her Majesty's Royal Military Police of whom hold the power of the Queen and Provost Colonel, through the RSM, to arrest, imprison or shoot British Army personnel who violate such principles, under military law.

    RMP TRF.svg

    Internment Camp Foxtrot:

    As part of Operation Demetrius, to the west of our operational area lies internment camp foxtrot, under the management of the Royal Military Police and Provost Sergeant Major Weston, it is a major target for the IRA given that it holds many of their comrades. Should you find any intelligence that may compromise its security, be prepared to act on it with immediate effect.


    In order to ensure the prevention of further attacks, it is the responsibility of Task Force Divider to extensively search & exploit any property which is host to dissident republican activity and report all findings to their Commanding Officer immediately.


    Irish Republican Army

    Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign - Wikipedia

    Basic disruptive woodland pattern, often carrying eastern European/Asian built weapons (or other WW2 era weaponry) and wearing balaclavas.

    IMPORTANT: IRA's use of camouflage closely resembles British DPM, always PID your targets!

    Dissident Republicans/Collaborators

    New IRA' poses biggest dissident republican threat - The Irish News

    No military camo (often in civilian clothing without balaclavas); likely carrying concealed weaponry or blunt objects - widely integrated into the local population, trust nobody.

    British Army

    British troops searching a civilian in Belfast. (Photo by Keystone/Getty  Images). 12th Augus… | Northern ireland troubles, Nightlife travel,  Northern ireland travel

    Dressed in DPM pattern, identified by their distinctive unit beret and standard issue self-loading rifle (L1a1)

    Royal Military Police [RMP]

    A Royal Military Police NCO liaises with a member of the Royal Ulster  Constabulary. The RMP is with a Pointer Team. These … | Military police,  History war, Military

    Provost Corps responsible for the enforcement of military law, identified by scarlet red beret and green bullet vest.

    Royal Ulster Constabulary [RUC]

    BOOK REVIEW - More than one ghost haunts account of RUC man's killing

    Local constituent police force, dressed in blue uniforms with bullet vests and HK rifles, easily identified by their grey land rover 'tangi'.

    Team Composition

    • x1 Team Leader / Corporal {IC} [PARA] --> (Rico(probably))

    • x1 Radioman / Lance-Corporal {2IC} [PARA] --> (Archangel)

    • x1 Machine Gunner [PARA] --> (Moony)

    • x2 Medic [RAMC] --> (Thom)

    • x1 Point-man/EOD [RLC] --> (Joe Romer)

    • + Rifleman [PARA]


    [PARA] - Parachute Regiment

    [RAMC] - Royal Army Medical Corps

    [RLC] - Royal Corps of Logistics

    All loadouts are pre-made, no arsenal will be available. Helmets are optionally available via an equipment box, ammunition resupplies will be made available at key British Army posts, it is your responsibility to manage your resources correctly.