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    Han' me the fackin' Bren Gun, me laddy.

    Also, only conditionally for this Saturday because we're sleeping out from Friday to Saturday and might not be home in time. But I'll let you know ASAP on Saturday.

    Taskforce Dry Sand



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: 29th May 2021

    Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MEST

    Minimum Players: 6 (+ me)


    I originally wanted to put out part two of the Brit Shit first which is finished as well. But I had this in mind for a while and I can make it fit the new campaign. Just consider it a spin-off or parallel thing. In short, you'll be an AAF quick reaction type of unit set up with two Wildcat helicopters (no ground vehicles) plus a ground team. Wildcat 1 is more anti-infantry with miniguns and unguided rockets, and Wildcat 2 packs more punch against vehicles with its autocannon and guided missiles. Starting at FARP Dry Sand, you are tasked to air patrol the entirety of east Altis and will receive multiple smaller objects over time. The idea is that the two helos coordinate (like that's gonna happen), insert and exfil the ground team dynamically, provide overwatch and CAS, and do battlefield logistics like flying in supplies and extracting civilian casualties and shit. Now, for this to work, we need at least two pilots, the rest can go ground team. There are co-pilot / crew(wo)man positions which I'd like to fill at least one of as they have access to the Wildcat's thermal camera and thus can provide more sophisticated overwatch (though not shoot anything). I'll set up a first round and if it proves fun, me or other Zeuses can add more objectives in order to play the mission again differently.

    Date: June 2038 / maybe before the Events in Operation Occupation

    Time: 17:00 GMT

    Location: Altis

    Side: INDFOR / Altis Armed Forces

    Weather: Clear

    FARP Dry Sand


    Wildcat 1


    Wildcat 2


    Slotlist (Important Roles marked in Bold)

    Helo Team

    • 2x Pilot
      • Moomy
      • Reuco
    • 2x Crewman
      • Toast
      • Jeruuun

    Ground Team (Take these Roles liberally)

    • Team Leader
      • Huan Son
    • Explosives / Mine Guy
      • Thom
    • MG
      • Grimbo
    • Marksman
    • Light AT
      • Arse Croissant
      • Fillerkish
    • Medics
      • Leafy
    • Grenadiers / Riflemen / Yadda Yadda
      • Frascalino, skomas


    Current standard Set


    Loicence to Patrol



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: 30.01.2021

    Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MEST

    Minimum Players: 6 (+ me)


    Date: 18th September 1997 (Noineteen-Noinety-Seven)

    Time: 05:15 GMT

    Location: Chernarus

    Side: BLUFOR / British Army

    Weather: Fog / Light Overcast


    The ongoing Balkan conflict is escalating further with reports of Serbian troops moving into southern Chernarus to support the local Chedaki insurgents in their inhumane ethnic cleansing campaign. Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF) were overwhelmed by a Chedaki offensive and pulled back, behind the British-held NATO buffer zone, preparing a counter-attack. In the process, the CDF abandoned the villages of Pusta and Tulga. However, there is still an active CDF checkpoint "Babushka" at the Topolka Dam to prevent Chedaki troops from reaching the more densly populated coastal cities.



    A British infantry unit, callsign "Trenchcoat", is tasked to conduct a three days long range recon patrol through the recently abandoned area between Pusta and Tulga asserting the situation with regards to Chedaki and Serbian troop strength in the area. Unnecessary contact is to be avoived where possible. Tenchcoat is advised to maintain long range radio silence and avoid motorised transports as well as busy roads. However, an enemy artillery piece (opportunity target) is suspected to be in the AO. Should Trenchcoat uncover the opportunity target's location, the unit is allowed to break the RoE and destroy the target.


    Execution (Tasks)

    1. Starting at Camp Teapot, conduct a three days long range recon patrol on foot

      1. Take transport to Point Cattywampus
      2. Patrol through Pusta
      3. Camp at Point Doohickey
      4. Patrol to Checkpoint Babushka
      5. Camp at Point Flabbergast
      6. Patrol to Point Flibbertigibbet
      7. Patrol to Point Gobbledygook
      8. Patrol through Tulga
      9. Camp at Point Hoosegow
      10. Patrol to Point Swashbuckler and regroup with friendly troops
    2. Opportunity target: locate and destroy the enemy artillery suspected in the AO
    3. Commander's intent: avoid contact
      1. Avoid using motorised transport
      2. Maintain long range radio silence unless for very important information


    • Trenchcoat - Patrol
    • Shoelace - Command


    Premade loadouts, marked slots are to be selected first!

    • Squad Leader (ACE Doctor, ACE Engineer, GL, GPS)
      • Reuco the Beuko
    • Scout Marksman (Suppressor, Vector NV, Lightweight, GPS)
      • Lucas
    • 2x Autoriflemen
      • Thom
      • Grim
    • Radioman (Long Range Radio, GPS)
      • Moony the Boony
    • Engineer (ACE Engineer, Explosives, Defusal Kit)
      • Jeroen the Beun
    • 2x Medic (ACE Doctor)
      • Leafy
    • 2x Rifleman AT (M136)
      • Papa Killerfish
      • Fitlhy German Weeb Boi
    • x-times Rifleman
      • Frascaline
      • Toast
      • Frenchboi
      • Daniel


    Current standard set minus Pulau.


    A Happy Mission

    Horror Repo Required



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: 31.10.2020

    Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MEST

    Minimum Players: 4 (+ me)


    Date: 31st October 2035

    Time: 16:00 UTC+4:30

    Location: REDACTED

    Side: BLUFOR / PMC

    Weather: Shit


    US-REDACTED are running blacksites all over REDACTED, shifting high-value prisoners between them on a regular basis to prevent the enemy from rescue attemps. Today, Prisoner 67, identity REDACTED, is scheduled for transportation from REDACTED to Blacksite 67 at REDACTED. Skies are not clear for air transport, thus Prisoner 67 has to be moved on the ground through mountain pass REDACTED.
    We've been hired for the heavy lifting. Pick up Prisoner 67 at REDACTED, transport him to to Blacksite 67 at REDACTED and hand him back over to US-REDACTED. Exfil by ground transport after. Should be easy enough.


    The HK121 / Navid 9.3mm medium machine gun because Pete needs a bigger caliber that can do a proper rip & tear.

    Regular PMC arsenal.

    • Squad Leader (ACE Doctor)
    • 2x Medic (ACE Doctor)
    • PMCs



    Operation Gulaschkanone

    Global Mobilisation DLC Required



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: TBA (depends on player base)

    Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MEST

    Minimum Players: 4 (+ me)


    Date: 19th November 1988

    Time: 06:00 UTC+1 / MET

    Location: Weferlingen (Winter)

    Side: BLUFOR / West Germany Recon

    Weather: Fog / Light Snow


    Undercover agent, code name 'Seemöwe', contacted us concerning secret schematics of the Soviet Union's brand new main battle tank designated as 'Objekt 188'. He managed to get a hold of the schematics and smuggled them into the border region between the BRep and the GDR. Seemöwe is currently on the eastern side of the border an cannot cross it at this moment in time to not jeopardise his cover.


    A covert team of BRep special forces, callsign 'Schmetterling', is tasked to cross the border, make contact with Seemöwe, receive the schematics of Objekt 188, and return to the BRep undetected. Seemöwe must not be extracted. Lethal force is authorised but detection is to be avoided. GDR Border Guards at two crossings (Alpha and Bravo) have been bribed successfully using an assortment of bananas, blue jeans, VCRs, and David Hasselhoff vinyls.


    1. Starting at Außenposten 17, Schmetterling will join the motorised patrol. The patrol will drop off Schmetterling at Crossing Alpha and then continue on its original route.
    2. Schmetterling will cross the border at Crossing Alpha
    3. Schmetterling will meet Seemöwe north-east of Walbeck and receive the schematics of Objekt 188
    4. Schmetterling will move south using the cover of the forest
    5. Schmetterling will exfil through Crossing Bravo.


    • Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz Siebzehn - Command
    • Schmetterling - Recon Team
    • Blitz - Attack Helicopter Squadron
    • Donner - Armoured Platoon stationed in the forest around Außenposten 17




    • Squad Leader (ACE Doctor)
    • Medic (ACE Doctor)
    • 6x Soldier