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Hi guys,

its done after a week full of work - some tedious, some refreshing....overall fun though - we launched our new forum. We hope that you already had a look around and explored everything.
We are well aware that this change might be more important for us than for our member but I think a modern look on our website will definitely fresh up the overall experience.

I've already discovered that the way to the necessary information is way more pleasing and rewarding than before. Everything seems more open and spacious instead of fill to the brim with content.

I'll now explain some changes to you:

  • Lets start with the most obvious one...I already mentioned it in my discord post but the old threads and postings are gone. The simple reason is that while we were acquiring the upgrade for the forum software we also changed our web hosting plan. With that done I'd need to move all files from one web space to another and quite frankly: Our old web space was a mess. Files and folder everywhere with little to no structure. That one's on me. So we decided to freshly start over the forum.
  • Other than expected I've also not ported over the user from the old forum to this one. The explanation for this one is sort of the same as for the before mentioned point. I would have needed to import the old database to the new one. Then I'd need to find a way to only port over user data to the new forum software and that basically is the moment were we decided that it is not worth the hassle. The forum it self is only used very rarely by our user (we would be fine with that changing though) and therefore not much is lost.
    So over the next hour or so I'll send out mails to all our "active" member with their new login data. These mails will be send to the mail address listed on the old forum - so if you need that changed please send me a PM.
  • Lets talk about ranks: as you remember, on the old forum we have setup multiple ranks like Sergeant, Master Sergeant and such. This ranks only served as a bonus to active and contributing member. However, they might have implied that someone with a higher rank automatically has more rights than one with a lower rank. This was not true. The only real distinct difference where: Trainee, Member, Mods and Admins. Everything else was for show.
    We are not a milsim clan, however this ranking system might imply exactly that. This and some logistical reasons let us decided to drop the ranks in favor of the normal Trainee, Member, Mods and Admins statuses.
  • Most of the custom page like Tutorials and the company page should work on mobile as well but their design is not really optimized for mobile. I could surely do that as well but it would mean alot more work for something that's probably not use THAT often.
  • Speaking of Tutorials: We are finally able to link specific parts of a Tutorial.....Yay.
  • On last thing: If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find "Change Style". Aside from our standard style that is directly ported from the old website and slightly adjusted we also now have a "Dark Mode". So for all that are annoyed by the blinding light of a white page....there you go.

Aside from these changes there are certainly some more. Some plugins never received an update and some went from freeware to payware. But I think there is nothing drastically missing.

I'm all open for ideas, criticism and complains so throw them at me and I'll see what I can do. However, there is no better way to show your opinion on the new forum than posting it in the new forum. So if you want to say something, try doing it over in the appropriate forum.
It be nice to see some more activity on here, though discord is undeniably a better place for small talk. We will see how much use our forum gets but we are positive that this new website will do good for us - the clan, the admins/mods and the member.

So that's it from me.
I hope you like what I did. Have a nice day and I see you on the battlefield.

Many Greetings

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