"Secure the World!"

Who are we? Weaponry Vehicle Fleets

The STAF Corp. is a modern provider of security and sustainable military grade training solutions. It is our desire to make the world a safer place through training and support of security forces all over the globe. That is why STAF and its contractor are highly trained to with stand anything the turmoils in modern times can through at them.

Stayling well within the law is our main priority as our past clients will definitely confirm. In the past STAF has provided security and training solution to many different contractor like IDAP, NATO, the US Army and many individual partner from all over the world.

Fearless - Brave - Professional are our pillar on which we had pick all our affiliates, be it contractor, support partner or communication staff. When ordering services from STAF Corp. you can be sure that you will only get the best services around the globe. We don't fear to get our hands dirty so that you, your family and anyone you care for can sleep well at night knowing that nothing bad can happen to you.

We are Fearless - We are Brave - We are Professional
We are STAF