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  • Taskforce Dry Sand Event Type: COOP / ZEUSDate: 29th May 2021Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MESTMinimum Players: 6 (+ me)Briefing I originally wanted to put out part two of the Brit Shit first which is finished as well. But I had this in mind for a while and I can make it fit the new campaign. Just consider it a spin-off or parallel thing. In short, you'll be an AAF quick reaction type of unit set up with two Wildcat helicopters (no ground vehicles) plus a ground team. Wildcat 1 is more anti-infantry with…
  • Yeah, you can take two LATs. Also, since there are only six seats per chopper, you'll need to divide teams.
  • Someone should bring an MG if Grim really can't make it.