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  • Loicence to Patrol Event Type: COOP / ZEUSDate: 30.01.2021Time: 20:00 UTC+2 / MESTMinimum Players: 6 (+ me)Briefing Date: 18th September 1997 (Noineteen-Noinety-Seven)Time: 05:15 GMTLocation: ChernarusSide: BLUFOR / British ArmyWeather: Fog / Light OvercastSituationThe ongoing Balkan conflict is escalating further with reports of Serbian troops moving into southern Chernarus to support the local Chedaki insurgents in their inhumane ethnic cleansing campaign. Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF) w…
  • (Quote from Grimzzlerr)Already taken. I might consider adding a second autorifleman if we get enough people.