Talking ingame

You are now running Arma 3 and Teamspeak 3 with Task Force Radio installed.

From now on people that stand close to you (~20 Meter Radius) can hear you. This distance can be altered though. By Pressing + you can switch between "Whispering", "Normal" and "Yelling". Please be advised that this does not alter the volume of your voice but the distance in which the other players can hear you. (Whispering = ~2, Yelling = ~50).

To communicate with someone you just use your normal Teamspeak 3 method (we recommend Push-To-Talk).

Using the radios

But sometimes you have to communicate with people outside of that radius. For that "Task Force Radio" provides each faction with a set of radios, for short or long ranges. Usually normal infantry units are equipped with a short range or rifleman radio. To use it you press . If you are the one carrying the backpack with a built-in long range radio you press + . If you are on a diving mission and you are equipped with diving goggles you are also automatically equipped with the underwater tranceiver which lets you communicate with your team while underwater. To use it you press +

Configuring the radios

You are also able to configure these radios. To open the configuration you press + for the short range radio, + for the long range radio, and + for the underwater transceiver.

On the following Pages you will find what each button corresponds to.

Changing Frequencies

To change your frequency you press the "clear frequency" button. Now type in the new frequency and press set frequency. This works on every radio model!

Terrain Interception

The Transmission on a radio is not always 100% crystal clear even when you are in the transmission radius. This probably means that the terrain intercepts either a part of, or the complete transmission. This is something every player needs to be aware of. Worst Case: Your communication partner is behind a steep hill. Best Case: You and your communication partner are in line of sight. Shrubbery, Buildings or Vehicles should not interfere the radio communication.

Single Protocol

The short range and long range radios of the factions share a single protocol. That means that you can basically transmit from a short range radio on a long range radio and vice versa. This will result in voice modulation though (short to long: High-Frequency, long to short: Low-Frequency).

Short range radios are also compatible with rifleman radios and vice versa. This method does not have any effect on the voice.

Additional Channel

This is an important feature for Team/Squad Leaders. An additional channel reduces the number of radios a Leader has to carry.

Lets explain that one with an example: We have two fire teams in one squad - One Squad Leader, Two Team Leaders with three soldiers in their teams. Using an additional Channel guarantees that each unit only needs one radio but still has 100% communication. Team 1 has the Frequency 100, Team 2 has the Frequency 200 and the Leader's Frequency will be 300.

While the Team members can only hear their frequency the leaders set their additional channel to 300. Now they will not only receive messages from their team frequency but also from the leader's frequency.

To set up an additional channel you need to open your radio configuration. Go to Channel 1 by pressing . Press "Clear Frequency" and change it to your teams frequency (e.g. 100). Now press "Set Frequency". After that you switch to Channel 2 by pressing . Also change the Frequency on that one but this time to the leader's frequency (e.g. 300). After pressing "Set Frequency" you also press "Set additional Frequency". Instead of "C2 300" your radio will now show "A2 300". Now you have set up your additional channel. Switch back to Channel 1 with and communicate to your team as usual. You will not only receive transmissions from your team frequency but also from your leader's frequency now. To talk on the leader Frequency you can now change to Channel 2 or use for short range radios or for long range radios.