1. General Rules
    1. Cheating is not allowed!
    2. Excessive Teamkilling during missions is not allowed!
    3. Grieving during Missions is not allowed!
      -> That means, even if you think something went unfair does not allow you to grief by e.g. randomly getting into a plane and bomb the AO when you are not allowed to do so!
    4. Every member always has the opportunity to take part in missions, join the server (Game and Teamspeak) at any time and take part in discussions.
      -> In some missions a role slot might be restricted for the public and can only be taken by a skilled member.
    5. Your name on the Forum, the Teamspeak and in the Game have to be the same or at least be similar to ensure everybody can recognize you. (This does not include Steam!)
    6. Treat everybody friendly and with respect.
    7. Problems with Member, Mods, Server and other thing regarding STAF have to be addressed to an Admin or Moderator.
    8. You are allowed to always make suggestions or give criticism, preferably after a mission in the debrief.

  2. Members and Misbehavior
    1. New Member join as Trainee and will be observed closely for a month. They may or may not become full member of STAF afterwards.
    2. New Member have to participate in a "boot camp" shortly after they join.
    3. You can receive a warning for the following:
      • Forum Inactivity (30 Days)
      • Game Inactivity (30 Days)
      • Missing on an registered Event
      • Other Rule Violation
    4. Three warnings may result in a kick from the Clan.
    5. New member have to attend at least one mission in the first two weeks after they joined. If that does not happen and you don't present a reasonable excuse you will be kicked.
    6. If no similar warning as been added a warning will last three month (90 Days).
    7. STAF Admins and Moderator are still able to kick a member even before the Limit of three warnings is reached.

  3. Recording and Streaming
    1. You are allowed to record gaming sessions at any time.
    2. With accepting these rules, you accept that people can record sessions you are part of. It can happen these recordings will be made available for the public.
    3. You have to cut/mute situations on your video that are disturbing, embarrassing or against the law.
    4. You are not allowed to stream gaming sessions unless each present member gives his consent!

  4. Communication
    1. Teamspeak and Task Force Radio is obligatory.
    2. Keep background noise to a minimum.
      -> We recommend push-to-talk!
    3. Don't join a Teamspeak Channel with an active Mission running, if you don't intend to join that mission!
    4. During a Mission: If you are dead, please don't contact an still alive member. (Immersion!)

  5. Missions and Training
    1. Always make sure your Mods are up to date!
      -> If you only check mods an hour before a mission its your own fault.
    2. The Following Roles are only available after a specialized training:
      Marksman/Sniper/Spotter, Medic
    3. The 3rd-Person-View is deactivated on our server!
    4. Event mission have to be announced two weeks in advance.
    5. The after mission debriefings on event missions are obligatory! (Exception may be made!)
    6. The trainings are voluntarily!
    7. You are allowed to create missions for the group!
      -> Contact a Mission Builder for further instructions
    8. You are allowed to suggest missions for the group!
    9. You are allowed to suggest mods for the group!

  6. Behavior
    1. During missions we expect you to be focused and concentrated.
    2. During missions we expect you to play tactical, immersive and team oriented.
    3. During missions we expect you to follow orders by superiors.
    4. A "mission" starts with the briefing and ends after the debriefing.
    5. You are not allowed to join a mission under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  7. Server
    1. The Password for the game and Teamspeak server is always the same!
    2. No member is obliged to pay a monthly fee.
      -> The Server has to be payed by STAF. This has to be done by the whole clan. Every Member is encouraged to donate to the clan. The more people donate, the less each one has to donate. This is voluntarily but it will help the clan immensely.
    3. STAF reserves the right to cancel the server rent at anytime if not enough donations come in to help pay the rent.