In the following tutorial I want to show you how to download, update and manage our mod repository via Arma3Sync!

Lets start with what Arma3Sync is:

Arma3Sync is a programm that allows you to download mods directly from a server that provides them to you. These server are mostly hosted by communities (like STAF) to provide their member with the mods they need in order to play with them. But not only lets Arma3Sync you download these mod. It also provides you with a launcher to easily launch the game with a specific set of mods and options.

There are other Mod Manager out there e.g. Play withSix or the Steam Workshop. What sets Arma3Sync appart is, that since the mods are hosted on a privat server the download speed is restricted to the host server. That means, since our Server provides at least 200Mbit/s we are pretty save when it comes to speed (one example: Michelsen downloads with around 80-90MB/s) Another advantage is that we can provide you with altered Mods. Sometimes Mods provide additional files that help with compatibility with other mods. Managing those altered mods on Platforms like Play withSix or the Steam Workshop would be very complicated!

Please be aware that it is obligatory to download the mods through Arma3Sync since we use alternated and also unique/self-created mods.