Election Day

  • Election Day



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: Once I can use a Mouse & Keyboard again

    Time: 20:00

    Minimum Players: 4 (+ me)


    Date: 17th September 2023

    Time: 0530 Local Time

    Location: Sahrani

    Side: PMC

    Weather: Overcast

    Alright, welcome to our daily morning briefing. Today is day 1,783 of our long-term military assistance and training contract with the - still - Kingdom of Sahrani. You've all heard this a million times by now but we're required by our insurance to hold this every fucking day. As each of you who's paid some attention at least once might know, today's the day of days - the great election.


    To give you the mandatory political context, as required by our insurer, after Queen Isabella took the reins, she set the country on a path away from the constitutional monarchy towards a presidential democracy with division of powers, a parliament, and all that shit. This transition now culminates in today's super election where president, parliament, and regional gouvernors are voted on for the first time ever in this shithole. The Queen runs for president on a platform of economic prosperity through international trade, diversification, and service-orientation as well as a large scale energy transition away from the current exploitation of Sahrani's sizeable oil and gas deposits towards renewables, mostly wind and power-to-gas projects. Incidentally, this seems to be the decisive issue in this election as her only real opponent pushes for the exact opposite. Prince Orlando Junior seeks to extent the exploitation of fossil fuels for an accelerated growth in the short term which gives him a solid base in the country's east, which was blessed by strong socialist policies until the reunion. Now if that name rings a bell, he's the Queen's nephew and as you remember from the 1,782 other morning briefings, his father Prince Orlando died under questionable circumstances during an attempted coup against the Queen in the 2000s. Orlando Junior's candidacy surprised many observers as - frankly - this incestious fuckwit is too dumb to pour piss out of a boot. Suspicions were raised that he is being pushed as a puppet candidate by outside powers trying to sway the vote away from the envisioned large scale economic transition. But nothing of substance ever came to light.

    Anyway, enough with the boring history lesson. All you need to know is that today, you will sit your asses down and don't do shit. The last thing the Queen wants is news images of foreign PMC rolling up to a polling station or something during the first free election in this country. In the unlikely event that you do have to leave camp, RACS are shuffling troops to all polling stations across the country for added security. Hence, there's a huge ass convoy heading south from FORTITUDE. Don't get in its way or-


    - hang on. Yeah, go for Peterinho, the Pete you need.


    Just doing the morning brief, we're ready.


    Okay, where was he last seen?


    Send me the details, we're moving out.

    Alright, forget most of what I said earlier. That was the Queen's office, they can't get a location on their Intelligence Chief Alex Pérez, codename MONGOOSE. Image coming through.


    Apparently, he was personally investigating a lead tied to the election this morning. They want us to locate him and make sure he's all fine and dandy. Ideally, before the polling stations open in a couple hours. We've got two locations to start the search. Right, ground team, you check out this guy's private residence in Pesto, not far from here.


    Air team, you're on location ECHELON, which seems to be some sort of listening post in the eastern mountains, only accessible by air.


    Let's go, move out!




    Ground Team: 1x HMMWV Minigun, 1x HMMWV GL, 1x HMMWV Unarmed


    Air Team: 1x Kasatka



    There is an investigation / intel system active on certain objects via hold action. For some reason, to investigate a car you have to be inside of it.



    Air team should have a pilot at minimum. Rest is up to you. Standard PMC arsenal.


    Standard PMC modset.


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