[CO-OP][ZEUS] Stranger Contracts

  • Stranger Contracts



    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: 24th September

    Time: 20:00

    Minimum Players: 6 (+ me)


    Date: 9th November 2035

    Time: 1730 Local Time

    Location: Tanoa

    Side: OPFOR / STAF

    Weather: Weird

    We have just received an urgent contract on the Horizon Islands and need to get airborne right now. The client is CSAT's Highly Mobile Detachment Pacific (CSAT-HMDPAC). Below is the limited information they submitted.


    Around 0530 local time, the PHENOMENON occured on Mont Tanoa, Tanoa, Horizon Islands. The PHENOMENON is characterised by [REDACTED]. [...] The PHENOMENON might irradiate biological, chemical, or nuclear agents, CBRN gear is strictly advised. CSAT-HMDPAC CBRN specialists landed on Pearl Industrial Port at 1400 local time to secure and investigate the PHENOMENON. The troops seized Pearl Industrial Port, Comms Alpha, Comms Bravo, and the Red Spring Surface Mine. A Black Zone (no access) was established 350m around the PHENOMENON. A Red Zone (limited access) was established 1,500m around Comms Alpha. Decontamination Checkpoints Alpha through Delta were established on all direct access roads. La Rochelle Aerodrome has been secured for the deployment of STAF PMC. Additional checkpoints are provided by the Tanoan Gendamerie after succesfull bribe of the local gouvernment. Civilians were evacuated from the Red Zone. Situation is unclear on possible enemy forces. Adversaries able to act and expected to be interested in the PHENOMENON are NATO and Syndikat.



    CSAT-HMDPAC possesses limited CBRN specialists. The Tanoan Gendarmerie is unable to provide sufficient security and possesses no CBRN specialists. Additional forces are required for security, surveillance and logistical support within the Red Zone. The Black Zone must not be entered. Direct interaction with the PHENOMENON is strictly prohibited. The creation of photos, videos, or audio recordings is strictly prohibited.

    Opportunity Targets

    Recent operations to further expand CSAT influence in the region have been compromised and criticised by local investigative journalist Mosese Waqa as well as his cameraman Michael Koroi. The appearance of the PHENOMENON and the subsequent CSAT deployment likely catches their interest. Hence, covert elimination of Mosese Waqa and Michael Koroi is authorised should they be identified within the Red Zone.

    journoatica.jpg journo_asstnvf7s.jpg


    Due to time constraints, we could only drop in two C-130Js worth of gear (non-DLC options available for plebs):

    • CBRN Equipment
    • XMS- / AK-15-based Rifles
    • M136 Launcher / Explosives / APERS Mine Dispenser
    • Darter Drones
    • Miscellaneous Gear
    • 1x Polaris DAGOR (XM312)
    • 2x Jeep Wrangler
    • 1x UGV Saif RCWS


    Standard PMC setup.



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