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    Type: COOP / ZEUS

    Date: TBD / When enough players are available in STAF summer

    Time: 20:00

    Minimum Players: 6 (+ me)


    Date: 15th May 2034

    Time: 1300 Local Time

    Location: Altis

    Side: Undercover OPFOR / STAF

    Weather: Overcast

    Meeting Transcript

    Everyone here? Great, so let's begin. Close the door, will you? Thanks. Disclaimer first: anyone with a strong moral code may leave the room right now. This won't affect your employment.


    No one? Right, didn't think so. Okay, for the rest of you: you were never here, this meeting never happened, and during the entire spring you were stationed in southern Takistan, digging wells and building toilets.

    As you may have learned on the news, the situation on Altis seems to be calming down with the ceasefire in place and peace talks between the AAF and FIA set to continue by the end of this week. According to our client, who remains strictly anonymous, this cannot happen. Actions have to be taken in order to undermine the peace talks and further deteriorate the relationship between the AAF, FIA, and CIVPOP. Together, we have come up with a plan, divided into three phases, for a false flag operation set to prevent these talks from happening. You will go in undercover, acting as FIA fighters. This means civilian transport, clean passports as well as local guns and vics only - if possible, don't leave any casualties or other evidence pointing to us behind. Our client set us up with some local contacts supporting this operation. Can't share their identities here, they will reveal themselves to you.

    Starting around noon on the first day, you will insert by a commercial civilian transport plane to a smaller airfield in the north, near Abdera. The mobile police slash customs unit stationed there will be bribed in advance to look away and not process you, so the immigration records stay clean. Client's contact, a plane mechanic, is on site and will provide you with clean vehicles. You will then drive up to a safehouse in bumfuck nowhere near the shoreline. First slide please, there we go. Pretty, isn't it? I'll text you the coordiantes later, the client's main contact will be waiting for you there. He'll be your handler for the operation. You will find guns, comms, and medical supplies at the safehouse, which will function as your temporary base as well.


    Starting around midnight, Phase I will commence in which you will abduct and execute a local blogger, critical of the FIA. Name's Gyrosiotis Watsefaksis and the next slide shows his image.


    He lives in Abdera in a compound blocked off from the rest of the village, which is on this slide. Should be one of the houses in the lower right.


    Turns out there were several attempts on his life already so he's hired some protection. Nothing you shouldn't be able to deal with though. It's paramount you don't kill him right away. Go in, take out the guards, grab him, and evacuate to the safehouse. The contact will have set up a camera to record the execution. The video will be shared later, at the right time, for maximum effect.

    In the morning of the next day, Phase II will start where you will covertly attack the market in Galati. Now this is a civilian target, which is why I asked about any moral reservations before. Plan is to use IEDs, maybe vehicle-born, in order to inflict maximum casualties on the CIVPOP in the region. You can also go Russian style and wait for first responders to arrive for a second attack, it's up to you. Maximising the horror is key here. We want those images to go around the world. Just make sure you don't stick around for too long. Law enforcement and AAF will be quick to respond and we don't want to get caught here. If in doubt, limit the damage in favour of not getting compromised. This isn't the FIA's typical modus operandi but the perspective of a new level of escalation in this conflict should wash away any doubts in the public debate. Oh, forgot to switch the slide. Uh, this should be the market here. It's within a pedestrian zone, accessible from three roads and a small park which is not in this image.


    Now, Phase III, time to really piss off the AAF. Last task is to directly assault a remote AAF outpost in the afternoon, shown on this slide.


    It was a bit diffcult for the contact to get close with the drone for a decent picture. But you see there's three AA platforms. This outpost was originally an AA site but since fighting guerillas doesn't really require sophisticated air defence, the outpost is not fully staffed. It's still fairly defendable so be careful. You'll meet the contact for some last minute preparations at the staging area north-west of the outpost. Then attack it, seize it, and make sure they call for backup. Draw any responding forces into a longer and hopefully bloodier fight with lots of casualties. Again, it is paramount that we maximise the damage here. Try to hold that position until the last possible moment, before the enemy overwhelms you. Then break contact and retreat north to the shoreline, where civilian boats will be waiting for your for extraction. The operation plan is summarised on this slide.


    As for "enemy" activity, NATO almost fully retreated the island already and should not be a significant factor. FIA mostly went underground as per the agreement but watch out for vigilante units in the rural regions. With the recent ceasefire, the AAF stepped down their offensive operations but remains wary. You might encounter patrols out there and QRFs can be deployed as needed. In addition, law enforcement patrols the area, though they are so underpaid, bribing them should always be an option. That leaves CSAT, which is a bit of a wildcard. Truth is, we don't know how they will react or whether they even have a sizeable force on the island already. Should they show up, I strongly advise you to fuck off immediately. Any questions?


    Covert PMC, their leader, and a couple medics. No arsenal.



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