You should have downloaded the mods and now want to launch your mods and Arma 3 via Arma3Sync.

Head over to the "Addons" Tab and click the "Refresh"-Button at first.

Right-Click somewhere on the right side and choose "Add Group". You can call it whatever you want and then click okay.
Now you can drag and drop mods from the left side to the right side inside your group. This should be done according to the needed mods for the mission. (Usually found in the mission thread!)

You can freely use any client side mod from our recommended repository along side the missions mod set. You can find the Repository Link to our Recommendations Repository here: Our Repositories. If you want to use any other clientside mod, please talk to one of our admins or moderators.

Be Aware that any extra mod can have an impact on your FPS

Please never use more mods (except those from our Recommended Repository) than necessary for the mission. It can cause unforeseeable issues!