The name cTab stands for "Commander's Tablet" and this describes it pretty good. It adds useful little tools which are used by commanders but also by normal soldiers.

The features of these tools are multiple. Most of the items added to the game can be used as a simple GPS. Some of you might now ask:"Why should I use this tool? We already have a GPS!" That's true, but I'm not happy with the standard ArmA 3 GPS. Even though its very simply it is too simply. For example it does not show a terrain like a "real" GPS would. The lack of an actual interface is irritating as well. The HUD-like look of the vanilla GPS takes away a huge chunk of immersion for me. But the GPS is not its only use. The commander tablet comes with a Blue Force Tracking System (this will be explained later), a helmet camera live feed as well as an UAV live feed and a messaging system.

In addition to that, this mod equips every ground and air vehicle with a computer device which shares some of these functions and has an immersive look.