[WW2] Hell in the East

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  • Hell in the East
    By Thom



    Date >>> Probably 05.02.2022 or 12.02.2022

    Tech-Support >>> an hour before mission start

    Event start >>> ~ 7:45 PM CEST

    Mission start >>> ~ 8 PM CEST

    Minimum players >>> 6 + Zeus


    • Mission Details
    • Slot List
    • Information

    Mission Details

    Date: September 1943

    Map: Kuban Bridgehead

    Time: 1000

    Weather: Light rain

    The Kuban Bridgehead (German: Kuban-Brückenkopf), also known as the "Goth's head position" (Gotenkopfstellung), was a German military position on the Taman Peninsula, Russia, between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. Existing from January to October 1943, the bridgehead formed after the Germans were pushed out of the Caucasus. The heavily fortified position was intended as a staging area for the Wehrmacht which was to be used to renew attacks towards the oil wells of the Caucasus. The bridgehead was abandoned when the Red Army breached the Panther–Wotan line, forcing an evacuation of the German forces across the Kerch Strait to Crimea.

    Mission details will be provided on the ground.

    Slot List

    • Kommandant (Team Lead) - Rico
    • Sanitäter (Medic) x2 - Pete, Marshall
    • Funker (Radioman) x1 - Moony
    • MG-Schütze (MG-42) x1 - Archangel
    • Schütze (Rifleman) - Papa Killerfish, Toast, Herr Romer (Reserve)




    Map will be added to the repository ASAP

    NOTE: THE WW2 REPO IS REQUIRED!!! IF YOU DONT HAVE THIS DOWNLOADED ON TIME YOU CAN NOT JOIN. | Also be advised that the IFA3 mod will probably be updated before this mission

    Other Information

    • Respawn takes 2 minutes.
    • A full German arsenal will be provided however as usual I ask you to keep your loadouts a bit 'realistic'. This means no Afrika korps/Panzer crew/Pilot uniforms or everyone wearing officer hats. Also try not to all take automatic weapons like the FG42 or MP44, if I see anyone besides the MG-Gunner with a MG42/34 I will lightning bolt you.
    • The Funker role carries a long range radio and is the only person that communicates with Overlord, the rest will have no radios.